Islamist “microbes”

by Fred

There are times in life when nothing but few choice words would hit the spot. One such occasion is the Head Rapist Khamenei’s trip to Qom.

Referring to last year when the Iranian people’s peaceful nationwide demonstrations were savagely suppressed by his rabid Islamist Rapist forces, he said:

 “Last year’s sedition actually vaccinated the country against microbes, which can be political or social microbes….and increased [people’s] insight.”

Well, Head Rapist Islamist Haji, here is a news flash for you. Not only you and all other Islamists are the “microbes” Iran and the world at large are ailed with, your savage ancestors along with their barbaric dogma you are all so proud of fit the description for the harmful “microbes” to a T.


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Well done Fred

by mahmoudg on

vaccination coming from the mouth of men who are still stuck in the 7th century.  When we reclaim our Nation (with the help of US/Israel) from the hands of these backward clerics, how sweet it would be to inject them with a dose of the Western style justice.  We shall then have vaccinated them out of the 7th century and into the 21st before locking them up for life.  Then have them read all the filth they want out of the Quran in their solitary cells.

Farah Rusta

You can learn from Fred too Sargord

by Farah Rusta on

You are so incredibly boring these days. I know thinking is not your trait but be innovative say something different not the same old mumbo-jumbo all the way.


You sad sad boy!



Sargord Pirouz

Hey, hey: "Fred writing Type

by Sargord Pirouz on

Hey, hey: "Fred writing Type C makes an appearance. How ironic this writer uses the word "rabid" to describe persons of authority in Iran. How else to describe this writer's own tone when writing about Iran? 

The humidity is up a bit right now in Tel Aviv. Is this the cause for your rabidity, folks at Fred?