Islamist Nazis

by Fred

Truth is incorrigible; it can be denied, twisted out of shape and molded into one’s wishes. However, sooner or later it bounces right back shining its purifying rays.  

Take the case of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, where for thirty two years it has been using Nazis as a model for its overlapping security, intelligence and military apparatus not to say the lease about its core anti-Semitic ideology.

The funny thing was whenever anyone brought up the comparison between the Islamist Rapists and their guiding light, the Nazis, a slew of Islamists/anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodle of lefty allies left no stone unturned to deny the comparison.

But the incorrigible truth is having its day now. In the midst of the Islamist gang war for power, a former two terms Islamist Prime Minister during whose time all the Nazi like apparatus of suppression were formed and many of the crimes against humanity including uncounted raping and documented mass murdering of many thousands of Iranian men, women and children took place, has just described his former partners in crimes against the Iranian people as:

“"They are resorting to methods (against the opposition) used in totalitarian regimes like Stalin in the Soviet era or (former dictator Nicolae) Ceausescu in Romania,"


"They've surpassed Goebbels in telling lies. Leveling accusations and telling lies is part of their ossified faith,"

Ok lovelies, go ahead and deny the undeniable, again.





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context matters


in the context of international politics you use the Nazi analogy like Israel's Natanyahu uses the Nazi analogy. to drum up support for airtight sanctions/war on Iranians.  Mousavi on the other hand uses it for scoring political points locally and, by the way does only refer to the LIES of propaganists like Goebbels. Last time I checked Kahrizak was no Auschwitz. And if Mousavi meant it, he would be wrong!