An Islamist Officer & a Gentleman


by Fred

Whereas lawless vigilantism is the hallmark of failed societies, from the inception of the IRR, the Islamist Rapist republic, government institutionalized vigilantism has been the first line of defense for the ruling Islamist rapists.

It would be hard to find an Iranian who at one time or another has not been a victim or does not know one or has not been a witness to IRR vigilantes’ summary justice. Their tactics range from public verbal dressing down, belittling and alike to face slapping, punching, kicking to ganging up on and pummeling the victim to inches from death and at times beyond.

Excepting the so called "chain-murders" when IRR admitted to its intelligence agents having carried out extrajudicial assassinations, all other known such murders inside the country, and there are many, have been carried out by IRR vigilantly members.

The vigilante corps, aka, the Basij Militia is arguably the most despised public arm of the Islamist rapists. Although there was a time when Basij as a volunteer corps fighting the Iraqi invaders enjoyed public approval those times are long gone, nowadays Basiji is synonymous with lout, an Islamist thug.

They are particularly abhorred by the university students who not only detest the Basijies for their typical unkempt B.O. spewing persona, they are resented for their meddlesome, holier than thou pontificating characters. Of course having been exempt from rigorous, highly competitive national university entrance examination or been undeservedly given tuition free slot in the Open University does not do much for the Basijies either.

There are multiple IRR acknowledged cases of Basijies who under the guise of enforcement of morality rules have kidnapped young victims, after robbing and gang raping them, disposed their bodies. To top it all is the recent savage suppression of the peaceful demonstrations which aside torturing and raping detined men, women and children, it included videotaped rooftop Basiji sharpshooters randomly picking off demonstrators, their roaming club-wielding motorcycle units cracking heads and breaking bones.

And now the head of Revolutionary Guard Corps which Basij is a part of has instructed them to not wait for orders from their superiors and independently act as needed. Although given the history of the Basij Militia this is a redundant order it showcases the IRR’s state of mind and society’s explosive atmosphere which the Islamist rapists want to contain. Bonne chance!



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Jahanshah Rashidian

Basiji Thugs

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Thank you for another eye-opening article.