Israel drowning in the Sea


by Fred

In response to the latest IDF, Israeli Defense Force, seizure of 50 tons of Hamas terrorist bound illegal arms shipped by IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, the Commander of their military Maj. Gen. Ataollah Salehi, has denied the charge.

As reported by the official IRNA news Agency, Salehi has said:

"following the collapse of the Egyptian pharaoh, in light of all the damages it is suffering, Israel will drown in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea,”

This openly seeking the annihilation of a member state of United Nations by the Islamist Rapists is nothing new. The new thing here is, there is no usual transparent fig leaf cover favored by Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodles of lefty allies for using “Zionist regime” in place of the state of Israel.

Israel is Iran’s historical friend and ally. The relationship between the two nations is steeped in history, cultural commonalities and shared strategic interests. It would be folly if the Israeli politicians were to fall for the trap laid for them by the desperate Islamist Rapists.

Them Islamist Rapist murderers are cornered. They’re despised at home and reviled abroad; the only missing ingredient for their overthrow is the sane world’s determination to impose airtight sanctions on them which includes blood oil and gas. 





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Chamomile tea

by Fred on

 Triple Haji,

Try some chamomile tea; it might help with calming your barbaric Islamist imagination.


Israeli Fred Finally confessed!

by HHH on

He uses "The Sane World" phrase to refer to : US/Israel/UK/France

To him everybody else, including the other 140 countries of the world who don't support Israeli criminals are "Insane".

And then in the last sentence he starts by talking about "sane world/US/Israel/UK" sanctions, but then he includes BLOOD!!

I wonder how his "sane world" plans to impose blood-sanctions!!!! by covering Iran with the blood of Iranians ?!



Israel drowning in the Sea

by Ghalandar on

Israel drowning in the Sea is right. High five to that