Israel & Iran, the blame game

by Fred

Lately, presenting the governments of the two great nations of Iran and Israel as two sides of the same coin has become something of a cottage industry.

Of course this effort is aimed at divvying up the responsibility for the ever escalating crisis between the sane world and the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR).

The crisis is stemming from IRR’s illegal weaponized nuke program in direct contravention to numerous UNSC resolutions ordering it to stop.

It is further exasperated by IRR’s warmongering policies including openly avowing to “wipe Israel off the map” and helping any and all entities fighting against her.

However, there are two basic problems with the ludicrous comparison between the two governments:

1- Whereas Israel is run by a democratically elected administration which can be voted out of office by the Israelis, IRR is ruled by an unelected lifetime absolute ruler unresponsive to the desires of the Iranian people.

2- Whereas Israel has not threatened to wipe any country off the map, IRR has and is funding and arming any and all who whish to do so.


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cognitive dissonance


israeli firsters like Fredowitz suffer from it.


Comrade/Pendar-e Neek/Jomhurikhah

by AMIR1973 on

Nice to see you back, Old Comrade! May I cordially invite you to read the numerous UNSC and IAEA statements regarding the Islamist terrorist regime's nuke program. Welcome back, friend. .-)


Keep on trucking!

by Fred on

With your nonsense, you all are proving the point, keep on trucking!


What a great democracy



Take the J St. Instead!

by Demo on


The proper turn, at last!

Republican جمهوریخواه


by Republican جمهوریخواه on

If you build your argument upon a false premise then you shouldn't find being called "Dr. Goebbels" insulting..........There's nothing, absolutely nothing, "illegal" about Iranian nuclear program................Get over it, your propaganda doesn't work that way..............

It's Israel which has to come clean and join the world community by signing the NPT..........IAEA must be given access to the Israel's nuclear sites.......

And as far as the "warmongering" goes one has to live in another galaxy in order to deny Israeli governments' incessant pursuit of an attack on Iran.