Israel’s hegemony

by Fred

Any political discourse by the usual suspects is invariably based on these three facts about the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR):

1- Thanks to IRR’s policies, for the first time in centuries, Iran is “independent.”

2- The Arab “streets” back IRR.

3- Weaponized nuke is an excuse; regional “hegemony” is the real fight. It is between IRR and Israel with US acting as the latter’s patsy.

However, with IRR’s total subservience to and dependence on China and Russia,

With what one can see on the Arab streets like in Syria,

With the reaction by the Persian Gulf Cooperation Counsel, US, France, Britain, Germany, and Italy,  just to name a few, to warmongering, illegal nuke acquiring and terrorist  activities of IRR,  

It all boils down to an Abe Lincoln quote:

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

Yeah, it is not about IRR’s vile nature and is all about Israel’s hegemony.



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I dont think so

by مآمور on

 I fool everybody with my expensive Omega watch, however I am willing to take it off if Israel stops manipulating the world's affiars.

I wear an Omega watch


Israelis Bandits!

by Tavana on

To solve the 'chutzpah' issue here let's just change the title to Israelis' Love of Megamoney! There will be no contentions over any 'turncoats' no more! Ape Lincoln missed to complete his coat ('quote' that is) by 'But you can not fool GOD @ no time!'



by پندارنیک on

Is Israel willing to relinquish her illegal nuclear arsenal?

Artificial Intelligence

Agree 100% Fred!

by Artificial Intelligence on

Chutzpah it is!


Islamist chutzpah

by Fred on

Only an NIOC compensated lobbyist for the Iranian murdering Islamist Rapists has the chutzpah to  accuse others of being "turncoat", then again, that is what charlatan Ali Shariati byproducts do. 


Knock youself out for Israel

by Mammad on

That is the true meaning of a turncoat!