Israel; settle Iran's account

by Fred

Yesterday, July the 18th was the 18th anniversary of the bombing of AMIA; Argentine Israelite Mutual Association, a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, which murdered 85 people.

The Islamist regime in Iran has been formally blamed for the mass murder by the Argentinean prosecutor.

Yesterday, on that anniversary, a tourist bus carrying Israeli youth in a Bulgarian resort town, Burgas, was blown up murdering at least 6 youngsters and many severely wounded.

The Israeli government has accused the terrorist Messianic Islamist regime in Iran for the barbarity promising retribution.

On July the 16th, three days ago, citing planned attacks in the U.S., Thailand, India, Azerbaijan … and the latest at that time, Kenya, I wrote a blog worrying about the uptake in the Islamist regime’s terrorist attacks.

In the write up I had dreaded the day one of the continuing attacks result in casualty.

I’m hoping the Burgas butchery was the doing of some murderers other than the nuke acquiring Messianic Islamist terrorist murderers in Iran.

If not, at this critical time, forbearance is the golden rule for the Israeli government and the rest of the sane world.


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Israelis, Not MEK, Killed Iranian Scientists, New Book Says‏

by elmcoint on

Israelis, Not MEK, Killed Iranian Scientists, New Book Says Relatives of Iranian scientist Darioush Rezaie, who was shot dead by a motorcyclist, mourn at his coffin in Tehran July 24, 2011 (photo by REUTERS/Stringer)


By:Barbara Slavin posted on Friday, Jul 6, 2012 Israelis, not Iranians working for Israel, killed five Iranian scientists connected to Iran’s nuclear program between 2007 and 2011 according to a new book by veteran US and Israeli journalists.

About this Article Summary: According to a new book by veteran US and Israeli journalists, Israelis were behind the killing of five Iranian scientists connected to Iran’s nuclear program. Barbara Slavin writes that Spies Against Armageddon is an account of Israeli intelligence triumphs and fiascoes, covering both notorious and less-known operations.

Author: Barbara Slavin
Published on: Friday, Jul 6, 2012 Categories :Originals Analysis & Opinion Israel Iran Security

Dan Raviv, a well-known reporter for CBS, and Yossi Melman, a former intelligence correspondent for Ha’aretz, write in “Spies Against Armageddon” that contrary to published reports — which link the killings to members of the Mujaheddin-e Khalq, an Iranian opposition group — Israel would not have contracted out such controversial and difficult work.

Instead, the authors say, the killings by motorcycle riders who affixed sticky bombs to their victims’ cars in Tehran traffic were “blue and white operations” — a reference to the colors of Israel’s flag.

“For such a sensitive dangerous and daring mission as a series of assassinations in Iran’s capital, the Mossad would not depend on hired-gun mercenaries,” Raviv and Melman assert. “They would be considered far less trustworthy and there was hardly any chance that the Mossad would reveal to non-Israelis some of its assassination unit’s best methods.”

An update of previous works by the authors, this very readable account depicts Israeli intelligence triumphs and fiascoes.
Many of the successes are well known: obtaining a copy of Nikita Khrushchev’s secret speech denouncing Stalin in 1956, kidnapping the Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann in Argentina in 1960 and destroying a Syrian nuclear reactor under construction in 2007. Among the fiascoes that readers may not be familiar with: killing a Moroccan waiter in Norway in 1973 after mistaking him for a Palestinian terrorist and failing to heed the warnings of a top Egyptian spy — who happened to be Gamel Abdel Nasser’s son-in-law — that Arab armies were about to launch the 1973 Yom Kippur war.

One strength of the book is that the authors do not use euphemisms. The Mossad had a “kill list” long before US President Barack Obama and has stolen military technology from the United States that Israel could not obtain by other means, they say.

While Israeli operatives have been responsible for acts of incredible bravery, Raviv and Melman fault Israeli leaders for sometimes focusing on the wrong targets and ordering actions that created bigger threats. Thus the 1982 invasion of Lebanon forced the PLO into exile but led to the formation of Hezbollah, a far more dangerous foe. Israel’s assassination of the leader of Hezbollah in 1992 led to revenge bombings in Argentina that killed hundreds of Jews and other innocent civilians.

A botched attempt in 1997 to take out Hamas leader Khaled Meshal in Jordan elevated his importance and wrecked an early chance for Israel to sign a 30-year truce with the fundamentalist group, the authors say. Murdering Yasir Arafat’s number two, Abu Jihad, in Tunis in 1988 deprived the PLO of a charismatic figure who might have succeeded Arafat and been a more effective interlocutor with Israel than the current Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas.

On the other hand, the authors praise the 2008 assassination of Hezbollah intelligence chief Imad Mughniyeh in Damascus as crippling to that organization. They say that killing a Palestinian official in a Dubai hotel in 2010 — a public-relations nightmare after the Mossad killers’ counterfeit passports were discovered — accomplished the goal of eliminating Hamas’s chief of logistics and supply of weapons to Gaza.

On the issue of Iran’s nuclear program — currently Israel’s biggest intelligence target — Raviv and Melman note the skepticism expressed by former and current intelligence chiefs about the value of a frontal military attack. The authors assert that Israeli intelligence about Iran is so good that Israel will likely know if and when Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei makes a decision to go for a bomb. Israeli successes in slowing the Iranian nuclear program through means short of military strikes keeps postponing that day of reckoning, they say.

Barbara Slavin is Washington correspondent for Al-Monitor and a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, where she focuses on Iran. She tweets at BarbaraSlavin1. Back to news list


It is still too early to tell…

by Bavafa on

Who has been behind this act of terror which must be condemned with the strongest terms. 

What is not as ambiguous based on numerous reports, though not admitted yet, the actS of terror that was carried out on the streets of Iran against the Iranian civilians and scientists by Israelis which also need to be condemn with the strongest term.


It is a shame the innocent people are paying the price of the criminal behavior of the likes of Khamenei or Netanyahu.


And yes, don’t bother, I will “Keep on truckinand “mooching “.

 Meanwhile, I hope and wish that any illicit money and profit that is made as a result of “airtight sanction” or its advocacy by all domestic or foreign "moochers" to be spent on Dava o Doktor in the most misreable way.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Islamist's old trick

by Shirzadegan on

"IRI is not that stupid to do such thing at this critical gain what?" First Amendment

In 1978, Islamists set a fire in Cinema Rex in Abadan and massacred about 500 innocent Iranian families and children. They blamed it on S.A.V.A.K, and Shah.  Back then that trick worked for them very well. They achieved their political objectivity and finally gained power in 1979.

Now, they put a bomb on the jewish tourist bus, kill innocent people. Again they're trying to use that old trick. They put a bomb and they blame it on Zionist or Jewish people. No, my friends, this trick is getting a little old and won't work anymore. It worked 33 years ago, yes, I agree,  but not anymore. 32 years of Islamic tyrrany made Iranians smarter than 1978.

For public information,

     Unlike Islmists, who are willing to do anything to achieve their politcal agenda, Jews care about each other. They are very supportive of each other. They stick together because if they don't, they will be eliminated...yes they will wipe off the map. Therefore, they never kill each other and blame it on ruling mullahs in Iran. Never do that. To do such a barbaric crime comes only from retarded minds of ruling mullahs and their supporters. The world of Mullahs is the world of "Makyavelist..... "The goal justify the tool". The goal is important and holy, not the tool. They do any crime to achieve their goal.  

Immortal Guard

Yap I cannot wait for a war!

by Immortal Guard on

I would really like to see what happens if a war comes!


one thing for sure.

by zolfali1 on


Already Refuted by Bulgaria (the Guantanamo guy)

by IranFirst on

Immortal Guard

Here is a different article!

by Immortal Guard on

One might consider New York times the same as Haaretz!



US: Bombing WAS done by Hezbollah/IRI (New York Times)

by IranFirst on


Long Live 'Truckin'

by Demo on

If the 'truckin' means doing everything possible to avoid our motherland bombed and or occupied by the 'sane world's' troopers and GOD forbid not to observe our people' dead bodies 'trucked' by great numbers to the cemeteries as the result, then be it. Long live 'truckin' and death with the 'traitors' whoever and whereever they are.



by hirre on

I guess it's an eye for an eye then... They kill innocent iranian scientists and iranians kill their kind...


Keep on truckin!

by Fred on

It is to no surprise, none whatsoever,  to see any occasion, even a somber one like the butchering of youngsters, is reason enough for the anti-Semites to release some of their built-up venom.  Keep on truckin!

Immortal Guard


by Immortal Guard on

Why don't you write about the economic warfare (stock market crash) and financial terrorism (e.g. numerous Ponzi schemes) that the Zionists are leading against the people of the Western world?

The Jews occupy a large part in the history of terrorism so don't act like you Jews are all angels and victims. The problem with you guys is that you have a very low tolerance threshold and yell very loud!


King David Hotel bombing

by Demo on



Those Zionists who organized King David Hotel bombing got top Israeli's government posts. Would Fred ever write a blog about King David Hotel bombing victims, 22 July 1946?


hamsade ghadimi

it was israel?  well, if

by hamsade ghadimi on

it was israel?  well, if one thinks that holocaust was financed by zionists, then it's plausible that this bombing was done by israel as well.  with that line of thinking, the 1979 revolution and khomeini were financed by israelis.  a clever bunch, they are.  that is exactly why i think we should focus our attention on removal of israeli-funded akhoonds from iri.  that'll teach them.


looks like the work of a shiite terrorist group

by zolfali1 on

since defenseless unarmed civilians  were targetted,


it was israel itself

by مآمور on

looking for an excuse to put pressure on Iran!! the zionist ideology doesnt respect the zionist themselves!!there is nothing in it for Iran, killing bunch of civilians!!

Iranians and Israeli are totally different people and dont think the same!! while in Iran, Iranians realize right away when an official from government is lying or telling the truth while Israeli are still led by shepherd of Bethlehem!!

I wear an Omega watch


More Like a Hezbollah Operation

by Faramarz on



The fact that the terrorist attack succeeded means that it was not the work of the IR Regime! Also the Regime generally does not engage in suicide attacks because they really don't like to get hurt. They just pay others to do it for them!

At this point, Hezbollah seems to be the main suspect. The guy that did it carried a Michigan driver's license and blended with the crowd before detonating the bomb.


Darius Kadivar

Most Probably the work of Neo Nazis Not IRI ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Anti Semitism in Eastern Europe is deepely rooted ...

Bulgaria: NGO Protests Bulgarian Neo-Nazi March (Feb 16th, 2012)


Shame & Shame on

by Azarbanoo on

IRR/IRI which has given himself an imge of terrorist.  Anything happens to Israelites & westerners IRR/IRI is a suspect.  I don't blame them.  IRR/IRI is a terrorist Mafia with akhoonds are at the top & thugs are carrying their orders.

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

IRI is not that stupid to do such thing at this critical gain what? ..........and let's just assume Zionists themselves didn't do it either..............but don't tell me you can't name an oil-producing country, with an embedded terrorist doctrine which benefits from this incident, either way......