It is making landfall


by Fred

A Perfect storm has been described as “an event where a rare combination of circumstances will aggravate a situation drastically.” A perfect storm is about to hit New York City.

Not long ago if one were to suggest an event in which the legendry dysfunctional politics of Iranians in diaspora could be set aside for a higher national purpose, there would not have been many agreeable responses. After all decades of endless internecine bickering over the right to the mantle of political legitimacy does not leave that much of hope for such scenario.

And lets face it the disparate makeup of the groups, the historical baggage each carries which includes many real or imagined treacheries has made a civil discussion let alone cooperation next to impossible. The animosity has had some generational aspects in which a child of a MKO has grown up to be one too; the same goes for most other groups.

The recent well documented public display of barbarity by the IRR, the Islamist rapist Republic, which has included video clips of its rooftop sharpshooters randomly picking off peaceful demonstrators and multitude of verified reports of torturing and raping detained men, women and children, has rubbed many previously indifferent the wrong way.

This transnational mass awakening to the horrendous reality of life under IRR is good news for the enslaved Iranian people and bad news for lets cut a deal with IRR crowd.

 The figurehead president of the IRR is making by now his annual trip to address the UN General Assembly. Should reports pan out, a perfect storm of demonstrations made up of among others, Iranian Monarchists, Mujahedin Khalghs, all sort of leftists, former regime functionaries, Jews, Gentiles and whole lot of none Iranians will be greeting him.     

A perfect storm can be a very good thing.    


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