Before it is too late


by Fred

On the eighth year anniversary of the 9/11 mass murders by the Islamists instigating a historical turning point in which the sane world began standing up to the Islamists and their vicious ideology of murder, rape, pillage and mayham the Supreme leader of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, just delivered a victory speech.

After the most recent rigged election  Iranians took to the streets peacefully demonstrating against the robbery of their rights by the IRR.  During a Friday prayer sermon, Khamenei, the Head Rapist, ordered the brutal suppression of the peaceful demonstrations which included IRR rooftop sharpshooters randomly picking off protesters, torturing, raping and murdering the detained men, women and children. Since then the IRR has gone on a spree of snatching people off the street, making the raped victims "disappear", arresting their former consummate Islamist insiders and all who might pose the slightest of opposition to its raping murderous rule.

In his latest Friday sermon delivered just a few hours ago the Head Rapist warns “"resisting the system" would bring "a harsh response" and has essentially the same message for the sane world which was wishing for the IRR to see the light of reason and stop its illegal nuke program.

To reinforce the point the latest IRR nuke package that the sane world was eagerly awaiting its arrival has turned out, as expected by many, to be nothing but yet another time killing package containing childish exercise in sermonizing, in short a dud.

Before it is too late and the Islamists impose a devastating war on the enslaved Iranian nation the sane world has to impose an airtight sanction and at the same time help the beleaguered Iranian nation with material and moral support to overthrow this Islamist world menace.  



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