by Fred

As soon as the news of the sexual, psychological and physical abuse which included sadistic torture at Abu-Ghraib prison was leaked by an American serviceman, the duty-bound socially conscious wasted no time in condemning it and did not leave it alone till the perpetrators were either prosecuted or booted out of office.

In light of the tepid to nonexistent outrage to the credible and at times verifiable reports of the systematic inhumanity-by far surpassing those at Abu Gharib- which the Islamist cutthroats republic has meted out to all the randomly arrested peaceful demonstrators, the following are accused of gross neglect of their previously manifested duty:

Each and every institution or individual who at one time or another have felt compelled to condemn inhumanity and are now keeping silent about Kahrizak which by all probability is only the tip of the iceberg and the latest act of Islamists’ inhumanity.

Excluded are, Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies including the lobbies and individuals whose job description/inbred dogma prohibits them from acting responsibly.


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hey an 8

by XerXes on

don't get too excited about enemy telling you something you like to hear. good thing is that iranians (generally) dont share fascists mentality, and if they do it's more towards hitler and not zionists anti iranians.


فلسطین رو رها کن !


DAGHIGHAN Frede aziz! khahesh mand ast be modiriat beresoonid!


انگ ننگ کهریزک


فلسطین رو رها کن فکری به حال ما کن!  




   هرچه که طرفداران سینه چاک جمبولی اسلامی زور بیشتر میزنند، بازده تبلیغاتی زورزدنشان کمتر و کمتر میشود.

 چو تیره شود مرد را روزگار

همه آن کند کش نیاید بکار  


  تا ابدالدهر انگ ننگ کهریزک و بیشمار کهریزکهایی که برای داغ و درفش کردن فرزندان ایران بپا کرده اید  از پیشانیتان پاک نخواهد شد 


Mort,all lives have value

by Anonymous8 on

you say people were not concerned about plight of iranians during Gaza bombing. not true! it's just that iranians wren't being killed 1000 / month. now that it is more serious, as you can see concern is fully on iranians.

i know there is a huge propaganda for palestine in IRI. but there is much bigger pro israel and anti iran propaganda in the west. we should be reject all of it! not choose the propaganda that we like! i see most people who say "why bother with palestine?" swallow all of the anti iran propaganda like the kind that fred spreads every day. that s not right. i dont rely on IRI words on palestine, why should I go on fred's words when considering iran? propaganda is propaganda.

Mort Gilani


by Mort Gilani on

Your sense of humanity is noble, and you might be right that for you the Palestinian issue has nothing to do with being Iranian. In my experience, however, Iranian minds have been tainted with Israel-Palestine conflict. The billions of dollars that the Islamic Republic spent on their propaganda have influenced some. The volume of news and blogs on the Israeli-Palestinian issue was so overwhelming here few months ago that someone suggested JJ change the name of this site to Palestinian.com. Not many seemed concerned about the plights of Iranians at the time. If they did, their concerns were not reflected in discussions.
We are human beings first, but we come here to read and learn about Iran and Iranians. And, when Iranians are being victimized far worse than Palestinians, Iran should be discussed not Palestine.



by Anonymous8 on

the palestinian issue is not just random. it is specific to fred who has been backing israel in every crime. he uses distractions so no one talks about israeli crimes. he is famous for this.

for me, it has nothing to do with being iranian. it has to do with being human.

Mort Gilani

Palestinians This & That. Here We Go Again.

by Mort Gilani on

Someone posted the following piece a couple of months ago:
“Islamists who still blame others for miseries of Iranians, those who still take pride in IRI or anything related to IRI are filthy and inhumane. Those who rush to speak of Palestinians and blame Zionists [others] or anyone else but the filthy Islamic Republic that is burning Iran to ground on every corner and every day, those who still take pride in the filthy revolution of 1979 and their filthy despicable religion are nothing but a shame on the face of anything Iranian and anything humane. Those who rush to compare IRI with the west only when it comes to dirt and crime and inhumanity, while enjoying a good life in the west, are filthy and despicable.”

Mola Nasredeen

"Why is this Fred guy(s) so angry? is it because somebody call

by Mola Nasredeen on

ed him a Zionist?"

"No" said Hazrate shotor.

"Is it because we are Zionist?" I asked.

"No" said he, shaking his head. 

"Is it because we voted for Obama and it made him angry" I asked gleefully? 

"No, his therapist already took care of that" He responded.

"Is it because Mousavi himself is a part of the Velayat Fagheh? and you know...." I asked impatiently.

"Maybe, but No" said he. 

"Come on then what is it Hajagha?" I was getting pretty mad.

Hajagha took a deep breath and looked at me for a while.

"It's because they're closing Kahrizak and he has one less suject to hide behind".

"Ahsant, Ahsant" I said to him. 



Fred, accuse?

by Anonymous8 on

fred accuse someone of something? why am I not surprise? there must be more bombing of palestinians going on right now.

this is what he lives for!


How do ya' like them apples?

by Fred on

As hard as it is for the Islamist/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies including the aged Islamist wedding photographer and his crew, through their incredible bravery people of Iran have repeatedly and loudly annunciated their priorities which diametrically differ from those of the Islamist cutthroats republic. 

 All these childish slogans were put to sleep when your Friday prayer slogan czar was spewing your beloved slogans and people were contradicting them with their own agenda.   


Now try to change the subject in this little forum from your Islamist cutthroats republic’s crimes against Iranian nation to whatever nonsense you all are programmed to deliver, the audience that matters the most has rejected you all. Now go back to your Islamist demagoguery and enjoy it while it lasts.  

Iraneh Azad


by Iraneh Azad on

Don't act dumb and ignorant. You know that many people have to register now because of the new policy. Its not going to stop us from combating "assholes" who have defended the criminal Iranian regime in the international arena all these years. Do you get it?

Now go complain to JJ about how people are abusing the site by registering under different names to attack you cry baby. You start something that you can not finish, than you call me and others zionists and than come and give me a semi civil response when people stood up to your uncivil personal attacks. Stop your hypocrisy and grow out of your 1979o revolutionary mind. The revolution is over. It failed.

as to the following bull by you:

"I was being attacked left and right for supporting them reform movement, and now I'm attacked for pretending to be part of it!"

You were being attacked because you were preaching to us that the IRI election system (including the Gaurdian Council and Fagih) was democratic as I stated below, not because of being a false "reformist". You have not reformed as you still believe in this sham system that forces sharia on the Iranian people.

Do you renounce the Vellayeteh Fagih system?

Do You renounce the Current Iranian Constitution?

Do You renounce the use of the term "democratic" for IRI's election system?

Do you renounce defending Ahmadinejad's nuclear stance?

Do you renounce the vote that took place 30 years ago with " color green for Islamic Republic" and "Color red for no Islamic Republic?

Would you agree that the word "Islamic" does not belong and should not stand next to the name "Republic of Iran"?

Lets see your answers to these to see if you are a true "reformists". People who call themselves "reformist" but don't want to get rid of this misery called "Islamic Republic" are not reformists!

People who want to use the current system to prolong it and make it friendly and nice are not reformists.

And finally, don't back track by saying "third, I said assholes, not to a specific person, as in "there are assholes". " I did not twist or manipulate anything. You referred to a specific group of people as assholes. You have used it in the past few days {the word "assholes"} multiple times.

Iranian.com is a small community of users and you called a nameless few "assholes" here more than just once so don't try to pull an Obama on us by telling us the the "Police acted stupidly" and then change your tone by inviting the same police for a bottle of beer. It was "dishonest" and "dishonerable" to use the term "assholes" in the first place so don't come crying now for your own misbehavior and improper use of the english language.


irane Azad

by Q on

first, for someone so new to this site, you seem to be carrying a lot of baggage for me. Respectfully, if you really are new, don't make an ass out of yourself by nonsense attacks and straw-reaching on things you know nothing about. But if you are not, you deserve everything you get. If you are yet another oghdei who in their cowardly wisdom has decided to change skin again and attack me, understand that if I actually cared, I would eventually figure out who it is. Perhaps you can explain how you have 5 or so comments to you name in this site, and 3 are about me! You claim to have "watched me for years", are you really that sloppy? Do you really think we are so stupid as to not recognize another two-faced character assassin?

Second, I was warning about the rise of Ahmadinejad over four years ago well before the '05 elections when other idiots were getting ready with the "brilliant" plan to "deligitimize" the regime by boycotting the elections. That genius plan put Ahmadinejad where he is today. I was being attacked left and right for supporting them reform movement, and now I'm attacked for pretending to be part of it!

third, I said assholes, not to a specific person, as in "there are assholes". If you are so manipulative as to twist that into a specific insult to yourself, then it just proves you do have an agenda and are willing to use any dishonest and dishonerable measure to got to it.

Mola Nasredeen

"Is this Fred(s) a Reformist?"

by Mola Nasredeen on

I asked Hazrat shotor.


"No, he's a true Zionist" Answered Hajagha.

"So?" I said

"So nothing" said shotor and kept on napping.


PinoQ and the gang at it again...

by Rostam on

PinoQ and his gang is reverting back to the old and tired method of downplaying IRI's crimes by bringing up the Palestinian and AIPAC issue.

Up to just a few months ago, these shameless individuals were working hard to downplay IRI's crimes and now they shamelessly jump on the people's movement bandwagon. They eat both from tubreh and from akhor.

They define the meaning of the word "angal" and "kesaafat".

Iraneh Azad

Xerxes- Learn to Read Kiddo

by Iraneh Azad on

I was not talking about the true reformists sir. They are true heroes unlike you and I and this Q character here. The Iranian kids in the street have more honor than you and I so don't get them into this conversation. There are some hypocrites here who have jumped on the "reformist" bandwagon because they are ashamed of the grabage that they were protecting and defending all these years. I am no monarchist so stop your rants and please don't tell me what to do.

It was Q who called people/other Iranians who are against the IRI "assholes" here. If you want people to watch their language, lets start with Q, then yourself.

This shameless apologist now thinks that I am Fred. There is not a week here that he does not accuse someone of being someone else. Then when he is embarrassed by his lack of civility, he starts calling you a Zionist.

Meanwhile, Q himself posts under multiple accounts. Its so easy to catch him writing under different names congratulating himself.

Q is not a "thinker", he is a shameless propagandist.


Xerxes jan,

by Q on


the Fred-ese is now a famous language reserved for Iranian Zionists with a pre-paid agenda. The Orwellian grammar is designed for maximum sense of authority and righteous patronizing, and minimal logical substance. It is best used for pure propaganda and character assassinations.

There are obvious signs for this: Because the speaker of Fred-ese is keenly aware of his primary public relations mission at all times, he/she never ever engages in a normal every day, or human conversation, which occasionally happen in blogs and they happen a lot in the chat room. The soldiers of Zion are so busy doing their job, they forget to not give themselves away by acting like normal humans once in a while.

There are several dialects which has me convinced the account is used by more than one person. Sometimes one doesn't know what the other said, and sometimes one has trouble with Farsi, while another seems fluent. I say it's multiple people because no amount of cognetive dissonance makes one person that dense, even one who is on the record calling himself "Pro AIPAC" and swearing up and down that "AIPAC has the best interest of Iranians in mind"!!! (yea, he must have breached protocol on that one, he's been dead silent about it since.)

Alas, thanks for the complement, but I'm in the small minority of LA Iranians who is not a professor.

Xerxes, a few words since I see you are new to the site. Regarding the character attacks you are bound to see and experience here since you are new: Don't worry, you will eventually find the right balance between ignoring and answering. It's kind of an aquired trait, really, and an ongoing skill aquisition.

Many times, whoever is called out simply uses another account to come and defend "his good friend" and pretends to be a seperate person. Other times, there are genuine wolf-packs formed when "hunting" any poor soul one of them has deemed "pro IRI". "Honorable" as they are, they double their tag-team efforts when dealing with women as is clear with their sexist language in those situations. There are some family traits you just can't hide!


Iraneh Azad, watch your language kiddo

by XerXes on

Those reformist and Islamic Republic people that you are speaking about are those who went and are in the prison for us. You don't seem to get it do you? Did you see the speech by the shirzan in the other page? who do you think she is? She is pro reform, IR reform. get real dude.
You are a dyno in the Iranian politics. You, after all these events, still haven't realized who Iranians are and what they are fighting for. No hope for you.
WE DO NOT WANT SHAH. WE DO NOT WANT VOA, WE WANT REFORM AND FREEDOM FROM THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC. now repeat it many times so you may understand the movement. Doubt what I say? show me the money (why you would say otherwise), where was the demonstration against the regime? show me the money. don't talk and blame. i am going to make sure that Shahollahis get it before it's too late.


Dear's little tweet, Xerxes

by capt_ayhab on

excellent observation guys. I am yet to see Mr. Fred to condemn any other atrocities in the world.


P/S little tweet, may I suggest a proper name for you? little BIG Tweet? //www.amazon.com/Little-Big-Man-Thomas-Berger...



Tweet and Q

by XerXes on

Great points and right on the spot :)

I am afraid that the Fred symptoms are getting around to other racists in this site. Seems like the Fredian language is attracting fascists like a magnet.

Tweet, you are wise. Q, I have no doubt that you are a professor :)

Fred, I will write a blog about anti Semite soon enough so you might learn what that really is.

Other racist dude here is not even worth for me to responding to. we all know his lack of character, racist behavior while hiding behind "Semite". We called them during the Shah "Mozdur". Once a Mozdur, always one.


big FAT differences Fred,

by Q on

Fred, while both situations are disgustingly tragic, there are a couple of points conveniently skipped by the -- how shall I put it? -- Neocon Likudnik fascists and their AIPAC allies...

First, you are also a hypocrite by your own definition since you said nothing on either Israel or Abu Ghraib. In total, the actions of US and Israel have killed many more people.

Second, most people who you are aimlessly targeting on this site are Western citizens living in America and paying taxes here. In that Abu Ghraib was done with your tax money, in your name and Israel's vicious barbarism was enabled by military aid from this country as well, people feel more responsible for what was happening here. Not only were we all responsible, but some assholes among us were actually even defending the practice. That's a big FAT difference.


good observation fred

by MRX1 on

Islamo freaks and their lefty allies are all wrapped in the same box. all of them are bonified facists with no soul. All their complain about abu gharib was becuase Bush was president, otherwise not a word would have come out of their obnoxious mouth's.....

Little Tweet


by Little Tweet on

Fred: I criticize abugharib style of prison for the first time because now it serves my agenda!

Keyvan Talebi

Good Observation Fred!

by Keyvan Talebi on

As we can see, the typical IRI defenders are out in full force using their typical barking.


Today reporters without

by vildemose on

Today reporters without borders confirmed the death of 29 year old Iranian journalist, Alireza Eftekhari. He died as a result of head injuries from truncheon blows. Alireza worked for the Abrar daily. Amir Hossein Toofanpour, 31 years old, another martyr. He leaves a seven year old daughter. Amir Hossein was shot in the arm, side and back. His arm was broken and there was a large hole in his back which was filled with cotton. The authorities wanted his family to pay for the return of his body. Amir Hossein was alive for some time after he was shot. An unknown person next to him picked up his mobile and rang his mother saying he was shot in the arm and was being taken to Rasool hospital. Hossein Akbari, only 16 years old. He was reported missing on 15th June. His family were notified two days ago. Hossein also died of repeated truncheon blows to the head. His body showed bruise marks where he had been hit. But if you thought all this killing is weakening the resolve of the Iranian people, just listen to the roof top chants, Allah-o-Akbar, Down with the Dictator, Down with Russia: //azarmehr.blogspot.com/2009/07/more-martyrs-...


The author of Kahrizak

by vildemose on

The author of Kahrizak report, in his new note mentions that he is now in Turkey. In a part of his note he recalls a staged execution for him: Hanging him by a green rope

 “…. they took me in the middle of the night into a room and asked me to write my will.  Why? I asked, you’ll be executed at the time of the morning prayer [dawn], one of the guards said. I didn’t take it seriously.  What is my crime? The answer was that I am a “Monafegh”[1] and “Mohareb”.  They made me belive that I will be killed and while crying I wrote a letter to my mother and kid sister, about two pages. They took me by the gallows. They said they have picked a green rope for me since I like the color green! where are you Mr.Mousavi? they tied my hands and lead me to a chair. I told to myself, what have I done? ! What is going on outside? Is that possible that they have killed everybody and now it is a lawless state ou there? You mean it is not possible for people to come and break the doors and rescue me? I recalled my childhood memories. God, if I am really a “Mohareb” forgive me. God you know that I always used to attend religious ceremonies. I was not good in praying though but I would fast! God forgive me!God! is my mom sleeping now? I’m sure she is looking for me everywhere. What about my sister…. I was supposed to buy her a new cellphone. Oh God! I had tears in my eyes, and I was shaking. There were 6 of them in the room. One of them saw my tears and [he] was crying [too]. I looked at him he turned his face and he cried too. I really believed that this is the end of it. Mr Shahroodi! [the head of Irans judiciary system] Imagine yourself or your own child in my place! one of them said its time, drop the chair! I closed my eyes and waiting for the chair to fall! and someone hit the chair so hard that it was thrown to the other side of the room, but [someone] grabbed me and didn’t let me fall. “






by XerXes on

"As soon as the news of the sexual, psychological and physical abuse which included sadistic torture at Abu-Ghraib prison was leaked by an American serviceman, the duty-bound socially conscious wasted no time in condemning it and did not leave it alone till the perpetrators were either prosecuted or booted out of office"

---They made a big deal out of nothing. Who cares if bunch of "second class" citizens, based on Israeli mind are tortured?---

"Each and every institution or individual who at one time or another have felt compelled to condemn inhumanity and are now keeping silent about Kahrizak which by all probability is only the tip of the iceberg and the latest act of Islamists’ inhumanity."

---The Abu Gharib was right, see above! Israel is good!---

" Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies including the lobbies and individuals whose job description/inbred dogma prohibits them from acting responsibly. "

---I am a pro Israeli, kill all Arabs and give the land to us. I would love the Islamic Republic if they liked Israel. Iran and the rest of the world should give us money to do what we do best, distort the realities and bomb the innocent people!---

You know how I translated you? I know where you are coming from because I have argued with Israelis for a long time. You are no different.
Same crab after all these years. Dude, move to your beloved Israel and leave us be.