Jew question

by Fred

Given the propensity of some to habitually connect anything and everything having to do with the plight of Iran and Iranians in the hands of the messianic IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, to the state of Israel and Jews, here are number of earnest questions:

1- Would they mind naming one other country aside Israel and Iran where, a President, number of ministers including defense and numerous under-Secretaries and other such high positions have been occupied by Iranian born officials.

2-Would they mind naming another religion which specifically honors an Iranian in its holy book, elevating him to the savior status as Judaism does.

3-Would they mind naming another country which helped Iran in her hour of need when Saddam was getting ready to nuke Iran and Iranians.

There are many other such questions and comments about the commonalities between the two nations which include shared holidays and customs. However, this three questions along a parting question should do for now.

For those with the Zionist fig-leaf cover, here is a clarifying quotation from Martin Luther King:

“When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews, you are talking anti-Semitism.”

The parting question:

What has Israel or Jews ever done to Iran to deserve such animosity?


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Dirty Angel

Oh oh, Fred. You've sort of shot yourself in the foot

by Dirty Angel on

“When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews, you are talking anti-Semitism.”


If you replace with  Islamist and Muslim....


As for the nationality and creed hating, I don't have the time really, but as you know, I just don't take too kindly towards smelly fuglies. 

I'm anti-smelly fuglies.

"Stuff happens and some, one way or another, get stuffed"


What has Israel or Jews ever done???!!!!!!! haha

by amirkabear4u on

What has Israel or Jews ever done to Iran to deserve such animosity?

It looks like you live on another planet.

But do not worry as most extemist like yourself do not have much intelligent anyway. You maybe interested in this link too;


Just in case you have not noticed half the middle east's problems are related to these wonderful people.


Nader Vanaki

ملا جون خیالت از هفت دولت آزاد

Nader Vanaki

هیچ اتفاقی نمی افته نگران نباش، همون خرتو بِچرون وارد این مسائل که میشی خیلی قاطی می کنی. منظور من اینه که این دو کشور همدیگر رو خوب می شناسن، به این زودی ها هم اتفاقی نمی افته، فقط آدمهای هالویی مثل تو، وحشتشون میگیره و شلوغ بازی در میارن.  این هم از بابت اینه که زیادی فاکس نیوز نگاه کردی، کانال رو عوض کن یه خورده تنوع ایجاد کن، حالت بهتر می شه.

Mola Nasredeen

پرت و پلا

Mola Nasredeen

In conclusion:

1. If you are

the president of a country

and a convicted serial rapist

as long as you speak Farsi/Persian to your mother

your OK.

note: this rule does not apply to non jews and non presidents.

2. The Iranian born Defense minister of Israel actually wants to dorp 'cows' on Iran and not bombs. 

3. Israelis love Iranians very much,so they want U.S. to bomb Iran and not themselves, so kind of them. 

Mostafeez Shodeem.

Nader Vanaki

بابا خیلی دارین پرت و پلا می گین

Nader Vanaki

همون رئیس جمهور سابق که به خاطر "مسائل اخلاقی" محکوم شده بعد از 50 سال زندگی توی اسرائیل با مادرش هنوز فارسی صحبت می کنه. اون شائول مفاز هم هیچ موقع نگفت می خواد ایران رو با خاک یکسان کنه. جهت اطلاع همگی خردسالان در این مبحث، کشاورزی مدرن رو اسرائیلی ها توی ایران پایه ریزی کردن و همینطور هم در بخش دامداری که "گاو اسرائیلی" از اونجا اومده. حالا دوطرف هم برای هم شاخ شونه میکشن و خالی بندی می کنن هم کار سیاستمدارهاست و من یه نفر کلیمی یا اسرائیلی ندیدم که با ایرونیها بد باشه. کلیمی های خودمون هم پای ایران که به میان میاد مصلحت کشور رو در نظر می گیرن و فقط بعضی از هم کیشان خودمون مثل "محمود جی" اهل بمباران های استراتژیک هستن.  حالا هرکی می گه من اول فلانم یا دوّم فلانم، فرقش چیه؟  وقنی اسم ایرانی داره و فارسی هم صحبت می کنه و اگر خیلی مشدی باشه بتونه فارسی هم بنویسه یا بخونه، هر کی بود من قبولش دارم.  خودمون روزی ده بار بین ایرانی و آمریکایی بودن داریم ملق می زنیم و هی مقایسه می کنیم بعدش به کلیمی، ارمنی، ترک و غیره می خوایم بگیم اول یا دومش کدومه؟


hello dude! it's thursday Jan 27 2011

by SamSamIIII on


It is exactly 1370 years , one month & 8 days since Dec 19 641AD Omaru's sword of enlightenment . 52 generations have been trained & taught to be bi****es for Arab cause. Who do you think you'r preachin 2 ?. Did you actualy think all those herds of Omaru Calves simply packed up & left after their play date :). To these Ommatie calves & dunger's offsprings even the idea of pre-Omar Iran is foreign & offensive let alone ur all hated Jews which is instilled in their psyche. Mullah or non-mullah, secular or liberal, monarchist or communist the omaru sleeper gene is alive & plentifull. You just have to read in between the lines, look around & look below V ;).  its all there . Cheers!!!     



Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //



by comrade on

I can't agree more with the essence of your blog which is the natural closeness of the two nations. I also give you, dear Fred, my personal assurance that after our Atomic Iran "habitually" starts nuking the rest of the world, Israel will be excluded from the long list of targets!!

Come on, my very learned friend. It's not kosher to insult your loyal readers' intelligence. You don't have to either bribe, beg, or remind us. Just do your part: Go back to pre-67 international borders and let the clean-up begin, before it's too late...It's reaching Cairo, Fred. 


The nuclear technology, regardless of the regime, is our natinal interest and right. It's also totally legal.




Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



Israel is the CANCER

by Mehdi on

The greed motivated, religiously sugar-coated, political treachery known as Ezra-eel is murdering Iranian children as we speak. Their depraved immoral and degenerate supporters and cheerleaders are excited to see the end result!

Fred's Final Solution for Iran: Let's sanction Iran so that children in Iran start to die left, right and center. When enough number of children fall to their death, it MAY cause people in Iran to become so confused and outraged that they will start accusing each other as the fault and so start killing each other.

Cheerleaders: Yes, yes, so far so good, go on dear Fred...

Fred: Yes, when Iranians start hating Iranians and groups rise up and start targeting each other, we have practically accomplished our mission. The Iranians will surrender to our might and Ezra-eel will be established as the only power in the region. They will simply be dominated. very easy.

[Cheerleaders applauding enthusiastically...]

Fred: thank you, thank you. Please, please, you are making me blush.

[Anti-Iran cheerleaders piping down to hear the rest of the ingenious plan...]

Fred: Yes, but it is not without its dangers. During this children of Zion must be protected!

Cheerleaders: Yes! Never Again! Never Again! [Enthusiastic uncontrolled applause]

Fred: Yes, so we must put our forces together. Israel should not be discovered as the ONLY country that is pushing for sanctions. It is true that we are doing this only because Moses told us to do it, but...

[Cheerleaders chuckling and whispering to each other: yeah, Moses, yeah, haha]

Fred: Yes, so we must enlist the help of any desperate depraved lost Iranian soul and push them to the front as much as possible. Human rights groups, the MEK, our best allies today - never mind that they have been listed as a terrorist organization even by the US, we are working on fixing that. Every Iranian who could help us must be enlisted. Pay them if you have to. Use their weaknesses. Promise them an interview with the CNN or something. Get them all lined up. Remember our goal is freedom for Iran!

[The cheering of the cheerleaders is now deafening at this ingenious plan!]

"Yes, yes, freedom for Iran! Yes, Moses said so himself! Yes, yes! 

[More chuckling and whispering - some pointing to their genitals as they chuckle and whisper "freedom for Iran"]

Fred: And if they expose us, there is always one thing we can do!

Cheerleaders shouting in unison: WRITE-ANOTHER-BLOG!

Fred, looking exuberant and satisfied, cracks his knuckles: Yes, that I will do! 



by Simorgh5555 on

I am trying to have a rational dialogue with you. 

You are desperately avoiding the issue: Ayhatollah Khomeini approved sexual intercourse with nine year olds and sex with sheep.

Please clarify where you stand on these issues.  

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

directive to

all the Zionist activists on this Iraninan website

Rush to Egyptian, Yamanis, Tunisian and other Muslim nations websites

The situation has grown very grave there 

Your mission to create an 'Iranian hating Iranians' group has come to an end ( although unsuccessful) 

You can use names such as Sphinx55555, MrXMobarak 2222, etc. 

Your help is needed immediately.

signed: Mossad 



by Simorgh5555 on

I did not know camels can lie through their teeth?

Please cite me the reference for Shoal Mofaz wanting to blow Iran back to the "stone age?"

Islamist talk is cheap -  especially yours.

Explain to me which sane leader of a country condones sexual intercourse with nine year old girls and molesting those younger than that so long as the hymen is still intact? 

Doesn't this make you sick? Have you read Tahrir al Wasillah (It has four volumes!)  

Will you not condemn sexual molestation of children in the name of religion? Are you not appalled as a human being let alone an Iranian? Are you not appalled that after 3000 years of glorious history a street beggar from Qom with paedophile tendencies became the leader of Iran?

How would you like it if the camel in your avatar was sexually abused and then burned? According to Ayhatollah Khomeini having sex with cattle and then burning the animal is halal?

Do you agree with him? 



Immortal Guard

The problem with Jews...

by Immortal Guard on

The problem with Jews is that

1) Most of them live outside their designated country Israel;

2) Their religion is also their nationality;

Now this distinguishes them for instance from Armenians.

1) Most of the Armenians also live outside their country Armenia; BUT

2) You have Greeks who are Christians and Armenians who are Christians and for them nationality comes first. But a German Jew and a French Jew are first and foremost Jews. So if you cross-breed a German Jew and a French Jew you still get a Jew. But if you cross-breed an Armenian and a Greek then do you get a Christian?? That may be why Jews feel more at ease in a multicultural setting than in an ethnically homogenous environment.

Thus the Jews although are smart and ambitious and live of the people and resources of the countries they live in they do not have any deep loyalty towards that country and its people. What is noteworthy is that they do not fall short of outwardly trumpeting their unwavering devotion to that country. At most Jewish gatherings they exclaim their fidelity to the governing system etc. You can see this attitude also by visiting the houses of rich Jews. From the outside their house has a very modest facade but once you enter inside you are amazed at the luxury and size. This is nothing to hold against them. This is just the way they had to evolve as outsiders in order to survive in host countries. Camouflage is a highly developed survival instinct that they had to develop and that has bestowed upon them a competitive advantage over other nationalities. 

Mola Nasredeen

would you

by Mola Nasredeen on

name another country where its President was born in Iran and a convicted serial rapist?

Would you name another country whose defence minister was born in Iran and wants to bomb Iran back to 'stone age'

Would you name another country where its leaders are saying they would bomb Iran?

Would you name another country whose criminal lobby is pushing U.S. to attack Iran?

Would you stop the BS on this website and move to an Egyptian or Yamanese or Tunisian website for your pro Israeli activity? 


Because they are going to be your Israeli government's worst nightmare. 

And by the way that quote about Martin Luter King and the criminal racist ideology of Zionism is a fake and it's been proven.


They all are the same

by iamfine on

If you compare an average Iranians with an average Israelis (Jews), they both are nice and will communicate with each other without any animosity among them. But when we talk about governmental officials, they fall into different category. I don't see any differences between AN and Netanyahu, both are crazy and self centered.

Maryam Hojjat

Good one, Fred

by Maryam Hojjat on

I personally think Israilis are our best friends in mid east and I love them all.



by masoudA on

My beef with Jews is that they are anti nationalism.   No doubt Iranian Jews are far more Iranians than many of us - but the problem is that they consider themselves Jews before Iranian.   Right here in America, ask a Jew where he is from and most will tell you I am Jewish!!!!

Immortal Guard

Ask Rupert Murdoch!

by Immortal Guard on

You should address this question to Rupert Murdoch!

How dare anybody even remotely insinuate that any Jews whatsoever harbour any ill-will towards anybody least of all Iranians! I myself know first hand that the educated Jews abroad are the nicest to the Iranians! Unfortunately some of them get emotionally manipulated by the approach adopted by certain media moguls like Rupert Murdoch!

Zaboonetro gaaz beguir! Just listen to Mahmoudg! 



There is no animosity. neocons like to think there is


don't mix up all Jews and Israelis in this. Only neocons have the chutzpah to try something this foolish and anti-semitic while acting all open-minded and above it all. Sarah Palin's "blood libel" anti-semitism and her hardcore Zionism (Jewish Republic of Israel) defenders like Dershowitz are the very definition of self interested propagandists.

Anyone who speaks of military strikes on Iran, anyone who speaks of raising ethnic tensions in Iran, anyone who speaks of airtight sanctioning the already suffering Iranians deserves animosity, be it Israeli, self hating Iranians, Americans etc. And that includes the barbaric regime who is making it easier for neocons to exploit Iranian suffering for their political ends.






فردی جان؛


به همین دلایل، اسرائل تنها کشور دموکرات و مردم سالار خاور میانه است.  همانطور که میبینید در تونس، مصر، ایران، تظاهرات بر عليه رڑىم میشود، ولی در اسرائل چون حکومت مردم بر مردم به جاست، و خرافات ۱۴۰۰ ساله بر سرمردم چوب نمیکوبد، مردم احتیاجی به شلوغ کردن ندارند، چون اختلافات از طریقه مسالمت آمیز، و بر طبقه قوانین بشری، مدرن، و خارج از قرون وستا انجام میشوند. ان چیزی که اسلام در برابر ان ناتوان و پشیز است


We know that

by MRX1 on

but the brain of islamo freaks (if they have any!) have been brain washed since childhood to hate jews. There is no LOGIC for their way of thinking. Looks if Saddam had an opportunity of dropping couple nuclear bombs on Iran, guess what; they would have still blamed it on jews!!!!

What I always wonder is, let suppose Isreal vanishes from the face of the earth tommorow, what would these creeps do then? who would they blame then for their miserable meaningless life's?just a thought...