A Jewish Neanderthal

by Fred

“My hands are clean!” read a text that appeared on the official Facebook site of the Belgian health minister Laurette Onkelinx. “This is the second time a minister refuses to shake my hand because I am a woman. The first was Iranian. The second one was the Israeli health minister here in Geneva. This kind of fundamentalist attitude, connected to a certain perception of religion and women, profoundly troubles me.”

Two points:

1- For giving priority to his version of religious belief over the duties as a high ranking official of a democracy, and the only democracy in the Middle East at that, before being booted out, the Neanderthal Litzman should publically apologize to Laurette Onkelinx.

2- For her silence after the “Iranian” instance, if she did in fact not publicize it as well as in this case, Onkelinx should also apologize to the Iranian people, particularly women.

Iranians not only have had to endure incivility from every single official of the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR), the token females included, for the past 34 years they have been doubly insulted by the silence and accommodating posture of the officials of the free world emboldening the Muslim Neanderthals.


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Zereshk.  Fred, eat at Zed's. It's more nutritious.  Standard Trick: Conflating Zionism (an apartheid political ideology) with Judaism.  

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Isn't it just Kosher that our learned friend who has always decided to overlook the savagery of the Zionist regime and its constant violation of international laws, has decided to voice his concern over a matter which can otherwise, pending certain circumstances, be interpreted as  only a harmless practice of an Abrahamic law?......