The jig is up

by Fred

Although not perfect or airtight, the U.S. Congress has passed H.R.2194, The Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act of 2010 and it is on its way for the President to sign it into law.

If implemented as intended, this could be good news for those who wish to see the weakening of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic which would make it more vulnerable to the fed up Iranians who want to get rid of it lock, stock and barrel.

Along with the communication filtering ban, the provision ordering the U.S. Government to publicly list the names of  those Islamists Rapists directly involved in abusing Iranian men, women and children is one of the best part of the soon to be law.

The cost of abusing Iran and Iranian is getting higher and higher for the Islamist Rapists and their enablers. Lets hope they see the light and realize the jig is up.



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Goody goody

by Fred on

Not that it would change the mind of those who are too generous with denying established facts, but here something to chew on.



Ps. anyone who does not hate IRR for what it has been doing to Iran and Iranians for the past thirty one years, well, goody goody for them.   


Fred: Your hatred of Mullas is clouding you judgment and ...

by reader1 on

... inhibiting your objectivity. I don’t believe for a moment that women and children have been gang raped by the Islamist authorities. However, I DO believe that they are capable of murdering innocent people in the name of God. 



by Fred on

If men, women and children being gang raped by the Islamist authorities, tortured, lashed in public and murdered in thousands upon thousands qualify for “Ordinary Iranians suffering”, then that has been going on for the past thirty one years.  

So have the intentional economic sanctions the Islamist Rapists have been imposing on the majority of Iranians in favor of their own Islamist rank and file getting super rich.

Due to IRR’s policies the oil financed growing middle class the previous regime had created is long gone; Iranians have been and are suffering and will be suffering till the day these Islamist Rapists are done away with.


Fred: only ordinary iranian citizens will suffer

by reader1 on

Look at Cuba and Iraq, years of economic sanctions did not remove  the regimes, but only  made the ruling elites  stronger.

Sargord Pirouz

Fred, weren't you going back

by Sargord Pirouz on

Fred, weren't you going back to Iran for a visit? What happened?