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by Fred

When Bob Woodward tried to get Deep Throat to point him toward the right direction in All the President’s Men, the memorable advice from Deep Throat was “follow the money”.

  So it seems to be an apt advice to follow in making some sense of the sudden spike in murder, rape and incarcerations are all about in the Islamist rapist cutthroat republic.  

The Government’s information portal just published a very interesting report on the progress in the investigation of forty cases of graft.

Colonel Ali-Akbar Zamani, the deputy commander of the financial crimes division of the investigative branch of the police force has in part said the following:

 In the first quarter of this year forty investigations of bank frauds totaling 72 billion Rials (almost ten thousand Rials to a U.S. Dollar) has been opened.

There are also five cases of investigations into major land grabs involving three billion square meters of land as well as investigations into government loans to create jobs in which 50% of the total has been siphoned off.

The list is long; those who care can read the entire report. One thing is for sure there is too much easy money at the disposal of different factions of the IRI who are fighting over who controls the spigot. Those who are sanction-wary need to look at how the Islamists are looting the country.



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Fred, do you have any idea how...

by Ostaad on

sanctions would help to mitigate this fiasco? Sanctions are precisely the reason why these shenanigans are going on. If Iran were part of the global economy in an open way, there would have been a lot more checks and balances to keep these thieves in check.

Don't you think so, homie?