Kahrizak is back on line

by Fred

According to the son of a well connected Ayatollah in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, the infamous Kahrizak rape and torture center just outside Tehran has comeback on line with a new name, Soroosh 111.

Those who might not be familiar with Kahrizak, it is a rudimentary detention center where last summer hundreds of detained Iranians demonstrating against the regime were held there. It so happened that one of the raped, tortured and murdered detainees who had his skull bashed in was the son of a high ranking Islamist official which in trying to control the damage led to the Head Rapist Khamenei publicly ordering the closure of the center.

Of course number of other demonstrators were verified to have been tortured and raped there by the guards. The young conscripted medical doctor on duty at the rape and torture center who was suspected of leaking the officially sanctioned crimes to the outside was found dead purported to have committed suicide.

To date not a single one of the IRR’s rapist goons/murderers have been prosecuted for the atrocities they committed at Kahrizak and given the track record of IRR, not one will ever be held responsible for raping and killing Iranian men, women and children.

It might help those who are seeking reform within the context of this barbaric Islamist regime to be remembering Kahrizak.




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Freddie: Eslameh Nabeh Mohammadi

by mahmoudg on

only a f...... Arab can unleash such a disater on the good Persians for 1400 years.  How dumb must we iranians be to have fallen for so long, by so few people for so many attrocities.  Enough is enough and these Mullahs and their Basij/Pasdar supporters must be put out of their miserable misery.


Fred: I must admit I love

by vildemose on

Fred: I must admit I love your title. Only god knows how many other secret Kharizaks are there throughout the country, This is only the tip of the iceberg.