Khomeini love fest


by Fred

It didn’t take IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic much time to begin the “countrywide mass demonstration” phase of the incident over torn picture of homicidal Khomeini which the Head Rapist Khamenei described as the “great sin”.

All elements of the Islamist Rapists have mobilized to get people to what amounts to a Khomeini love fest scheduled for after this coming Friday prayers.

This was an expected ploy, something like the way they’ve been using the “voting” shows. The Head Rapist Khamenei had made it a ritual to come out just before and immediately after every “election” to say turnout is proof of people’s approval of the system. And then of course they got greedy looking for better turnout pushing the “voting” thing too far and got where they are now.

It is no secret the presumed leaders of the “Green Movement” have lost control over stage managing Iranians’ disgust with the whole thirty years of IRR. The demands have gone far beyond the “stolen vote”, or the opportunists’ “civil rights movement” within the IRR.  That which amounts to political obituary of Islamists of any color seems to be the goal; their plotting for survival is perfectly understandable. 

Those familiar with their tactics cherry picked from the past nearly fifteen hundred years know for them there is no off limit atrocity. Islamist Rapists are in deep trouble at home and abroad, to fan dogmatic flames of their cutthroat Basiji and Guards staging some outlandish catastrophic scenario should not and cannot be discounted. It is very much in the character of IRR to have a manufactured incident in the pipeline.  

The Islamist Rapist Republic is living on borrowed times; the task is to minimize the cost to Iran and Iranians of their departure from this dark chapter of Iranian history. 


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Fred: How popular is

by vildemose on

Fred: How popular is Khomeini in Iran? Is there any real data on that?



Just listen to Rafsanjani....

by mahmoudg on

When he says the regime has money to bring in crowds.  this is profound as he is publicly acknowledging how for the last thirty years they have been able to deceive people.  From the mass murderer Khomeini who puts Stalin and Hitler to shame, to Ali Gheda Khameniei the "mini me" who is following in Satan's foot steps.




by masoudA on

The true leaders of the Green are people like you and me and million others inside and outside Iran connected via www.   I assure you - the only ones attending this Friday are the usual handout happy crowd bussed in from outskits.  The Green has been however asked to take clips and photos of how IRR gathers these crowds of Omat.