Killjoys v Iranians

by Fred

During the thirty one years that IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic has ruled over Iran and Iranians the not too hidden instinctual animosity between them and Iranian culture has increasingly come into sharper focus.

There is hardly any Iranian cultural occasion where the Islamist Rapists have not felt the need to ridicule and/or try to disband it. They even have a hard time referring to the occasions with their proper names. The Sizdeh-bedar and Charshanbeh-soori have become the Nature Day and the Last Wednesday of the Year.

The gap between death worshipping sourpusses and celebration of life by pursuer of happiness is just too wide. While the killjoys holding reins of power dictate grief, Iranians have been insisting on celebrating life.

So despite all the Islamist Rapists will do to disrupt it, Iranians from all walks of life will be celebrating that nondiscriminatory, gender neutral, nonreligious, all inclusive happy occasion of Charshanbeh-Soori. Enjoy!




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Iranian culture

by Observing_Iran on

Is about celebrating life and not mourning over some Arab dead from thousands of years ago. Long live Chaharshanbe Souri and the sooner this scourge of anti-Iranian clerics are removed from power, the better!



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