Koran bashing Koran


by Fred

Forget about what the lone Iranian Nobel laureate citing Pakistan and Bangladesh as proof said the other day about the compatibility of religion with democracy and human rights.  

Full and undivided attention should be focused on this news item from the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution as his official web site describes him meeting with “thousands of women active in the field of Quranic research”.

The Supreme in giving pointers to the researching ladies says:

"Quranic researchers must be spiritually prepared to accept the pure realities in the Quran; otherwise Quranic research may be used against the Quran. Ayatollah Khamenei further explained that in the absence of spiritual purification, the Quran will be used to fight Islam, the Islamic Republic, and the virtues promoted by the Islamic establishment.”

Now being no theologian, this much everyone knows about the direct correlation between faith and religion, one either faithfully accepts the tenets of a certain religion or not.  Those who do accept, not looking for an Aha moment to find a contradiction to bash it with, joyously read, find affirmation, spiritual guidance and comfort in the Scripture.

So there is something fundamentally wrong with the Supreme’s advice to the believing Muslim ladies who want to delve into it more deeply.  Where does he get off saying the Holy Scripture is written in a way that if one has not gone through his undefined “spiritual purification” beforehand will find the text as its own antithesis?

With all the damage IRR, the Islamist Rapist republic,  has done could it be that its Supreme leader is really an Anti-Islam in disguise?       








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by irannostalgia.com on

Islam is the religion of intolerance, force and blatant medieval machismo. Thats why the Supreme S.O.B is telling these B's to read the koran with an aspirine or two!! 

But he should tell them to not only take the parts that affect his corrupt regime with "spiritualism" but also some of the other  stuff that is in that book.





Farah Rusta

Ms Ebadi please take note!

by Farah Rusta on



Obviously the slain poetesse episode has not shaken Ms Ebadi's belief in the compatibility of Islam and what she calls "human rights"!



They have been using that excuse for years

by ramintork on

For years Mullahs have claimed that you need to develop esoteric wisdom before you can interpret the Koran. It is to keep their interpretations in a closed shop.

Most Koran verses came about, as circumstances required them so in order to understand its contents you need to understand the historical circumstances.

For instances the verses with regards to the wickedness of poets came about because after the Bani Gariza tribe were massacred it was met by critics in the form of poetry and then the poet was assassinated ( she was half sleep breast feeding her baby when she was killed) and a koranic verse was required to rubber stamp this heinous act as the will of God.

Now if you happen to be a modern critically minded individual not blinded by faith you would question this whereas someone brainwashed in the idiot factory of Mullahs would not.


Farah Rusta

my dear Captain

by Farah Rusta on

You are a gentleman and a scholar.




Ms. Rusta

by capt_ayhab on

You are absolutely correct as to what Khamenie blabbers. It goes with the policy of IR to keep people ignorant and illiterate. To IR, education and knowledge of society is a death sentence, as we witnessed how Iranians utilized the latest technology to discredit the akhunds and expose their crimes.

Nice observation


Farah Rusta

Is this not proof enough to the un-Islamic nature of this regime

by Farah Rusta on

Quran, Soureh 14, verse 4:

And We have sent NO Messenger save with the tongue of his people,
that he might make all clear to them; then God leads astray whomsoever He will, and He
guides whomsoever He will
; and He is the All-mighty, the All-wise. S. 14:4

Therfore, one does not need to be spiritually pure before researching the Quran, as Khamenei asserts. One only needs to know Arabic. The rest is up to the Allah to guide or to misguide the guy.

Khamenei, pull your nose of  Allah's business.