Kosher no more

by Fred

There was a time when IAEA, under the management of  its Egyptian Director General, rattled off ambiguous reports one after another about the nuke activities of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic. Giving IRR and its supporters and nuke lobbyists the means to say, see, even IAEA says it is kosher.

Nowadays the IAEA under the decidedly no-nonsense professional management of its Japanese Director General, Yukiya Amano, issues report after report declaring IRR’s vast illegal nuke program unverifiable as being for “peaceful” intentions, and that IRR is not cooperating to resolve the outstanding issues.  

I seem odd to me that IRR or its supporters and nuke lobbyists are not quoting IAEA reports no more, something they did all the time. Could it be they are thinking by ignoring the truth it will go away?

Islamist Rapists are hell bent on getting weaponized nuke; this will bring biblical devastation on Iran, Iranians and the vital ME region.  The sooner the sane world helps fed up Iranians with material support to overthrow IRR, the sooner peace can begin to get some traction in the Middle East.




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by Simorgh5555 on

My spelling and grammar also falters when I am tired or writing in anger but you know it is better not to find fault in others especially if you have difficulties with your own spelling.

Therefore, please be advised on the correct spelling of 'manoeuvre'.


closet war advocate Fred


is sounding more like Glenn Beck everyday! Armageddon is here! lets sanction (and go to war with it) or things will get BIBLICA! fear! terror! islamist! 




agha fred

by asadabad on

salam alaykum,

Do you not like the Iranian government?


Tiger Lily

more crooks hooking up with Hook?

by Tiger Lily on

What's happened to Curley? I'm hiding right behind you, Fred. :D


Sack of Islamist liar

by Fred on


Haji, this is what I said about IAEA and its new director:

“Yukiya Amano, issues report after report declaring IRR’s vast illegal nuke program unverifiable as being for “peaceful” intentions, and that IRR is not cooperating to resolve the outstanding issues.”

Now which part of it do you have a problem with?

That your Islamist Rapist brethrens’ vast nuke program is illegal? If that is the part, I refer you to the number of UNSC resolutions declaring your Islamist Rapist brethrens in violation and hence under sanction.

As to the noncooperation by your Islamist Rapist brethrens who because of their illegal nuke activity are under UNSC sanctions, a news link is posted in the blog.

Now you as an Islamist nuke lobbyist for the Islamist Rapist Republic who is paid from a NIOC endowment, make the claim that your Islamist Rapist brethrens are not making bomb.

I and many others including the President of the U.S. don’t buy your claim. Now go write another nonsensical article and see what good that does.

BTW, what is the status on your vouching for the CASMII lobbyist who turned out to be an IRR admirer, anything?


Give a link

by Mammad on

Give a link to an IAEA report in which Amano- the no non-sense Director General - declares Iran's nuclear program as illegal. Give a link to an IAEA report in which Amano says that Iran is after making nuclear weapon. Give a link in which the even United Nations Security Council says the same.

You cannot because none exists.

I leave it to the reader to decide what your latest nonsense false propaganda is worth.

Haj Mammad, the nuke lobbyist

P.S.: Stay tuned. Amano will be quoted in an upcoming article!

Dirty Angel

Personal safety

by Dirty Angel on

It's beginning to seem like it's time to move to Qom for one's own personal survival.

" Thank god for botox; my facial expressions are wearing rather thin...."

Btw I wonder what my local rabbi says about rules and nukes.


It is odd

by Escape on

 But I think he may be biased to Rogue Nuke nations,especially since his country is the only country that has ever been nuked into oblivion.


LOL! TRUTH is that there is NO weapons program

by Q on

"can't prove you don't have nukes" is the lowest form of objection you can possibly have, considering all the Western maneuvering and arm-twisting in IAEA. Despite your BS, it's also what ElBaradei had said. But that only leaves Iran in the company of 35+ countries in the same status.

You and your AIPAC co-workers should come back and talk about "truth" when you actually have some evidence FOR nuclear weapons, rather than absense of a negative proof which was used as excuse to attack Iraq. (I'm sure FredCo will play dumbass, as always).

Funny, how FredCo never blogs about reports like these?


Amano: No sign Iran seeks nuclear arms


TRUTH is that Israel's 200-400 un-inspected nuclear weapons are the biggest danger to the Middle East, despite racist Zionists considering themselves the "chosen" exceptions to all rules.

Sargord is right, your spelling does suffer in peculiar times which can only mean that normally you spend even more hours that meets the eye propagandizing. But hey, we all have to work for a living right?