Kudos America!

by Fred

President Obama has been reelected by the American people to a second 4 year term.

This is good news for not only America, but for the world at large.

The goodness is not in the reelection of Obama; rather, it is in displaying how well despite all the pressures, both foreign and domestic, the American democracy survives and it is the people who have the final word.

In other words, for freely expressing their political opinion, not a single American is jailed, clubbed over the head, shot from the rooftop by sharpshooters or taken to a rape center and violated.

The people speak, their employees, the politicians, carryout their orders.  And the majority’s choice is the final word.

Kudos America!  


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Kudos Well Wishes

by Demo on

May GOD bring the 2 commentators below together with Salman Rushdie in this world & in hereafter. Amen.


Kudos Salman Rushdie!

by Zendanian on

Or :On Origins of Islam and Koran: According to Salman Rushdie.

With apologies to blog's writer for posting a long comment on an unrelated topic to his topic for this blog, but, it is very hard to resist posting this segment from Rushdie's latest book " Joseph Anton."



In "Joseph Anton," Salman Rushdie's memoire of his years under the threat of Khomini's Fatwa, he has a four page segment on history and origins of Islam and Koran. Below is a part of it. You might see that Fesenjon is correct and Demo incorrect.  Read and judge for yourself.  Cheers


They were
nomads who had just begun to settle down. Their cities were new. Mecca was only a few
generations old. Yathrib, later renamed Medina,
was a group of encampments around an oasis without so much as a serious city
wall. They were still uneasy in their new urbanized lives, and the changes made
many of them unhappy.

A nomadic
society was conservative, full of rules, valuing the well-being of the group
more highly than individual liberty, but it was also inclusive. The nomadic
world had been a matriarchy. Under the umbrella of its extended families even
orphaned children could find protection, and a sense of identity and belonging.
All that was changing now. The city was a patriarchy and its preferred family
unit was nuclear. The crowd of the disenfranchised grew larger and more restive
every day. But Mecca
was prosperous, and its ruling elders liked it that way. Inheritance now
followed the male line. This too, the governing families preferred.

At the gates
to the city stood temples to three goddesses. Al-Lat, Al-Manat, and Al-Uzza.
Winged goddesses, like exalted birds. Or angels. Each time the trading caravans
from which the city gained its wealth left the city gates, or came back through
them, they paused at one of the temples and made an offering. Or, to use modern
language: paid a tax. The wealthiest families in Mecca controlled the temples and much of
their wealth came from these “offerings.” The winged goddesses were at the
heart of the economy of the new city, of the urban civilization that was coming
into being.

In the
building known as the Cube or Kaaba in the center of the town there were idols
of hundreds of gods. One of these statues, by no means the most popular,
represented a deity called al-Lah, meaning the god, just as al-Lat was the
  Al-Lah was unusual in that he didn’t specialize, he wasn’t a
rain god or a wealth god or a love god, he was just, vaguely, an everything
god. It may be that this failure to specialize explained his relative
unpopularity. People making offerings to gods usually did so for a specific
reason, the health of a child, the future of a business enterprise, a drought,
a quarrel, a romance. They preferred gods who were experts in their field to
this nonspecific all-rounder of a deity. However, al-Lah was about to become
more popular than any pagan had ever been. The man who would pluck al-Lah from
near obscurity and become his Prophet, transforming him into equal or at least
equivalent, of the Old Testament God I Am and the New Testament’s
Three-in-One, was Muhammad ibn Abdullah of the Banu Hashim family (which had
fallen, in his childhood, upon hard times), an orphan living in his uncle’s
house. As a teenager he began to journey with that uncle, Abu Talib, on his
trading journeys to Syrian. On those journeys he almost certainly encountered
his first Christians, adherents of the Nestorian sect, and heard their stories,
many of which adapted Old and New Testament stories to fit in with local
conditions. According to the Nestorians, for example, Jesus Christ was born in
an oasis, under a palm tree. Later, in the Qur’an. The Archangel Gabriel
revealed to Muhammad the sura known as “Maryam,” Mary, in which Jesus is
born under a palm tree, in an oasis.

Muhammad ibn
Abdullah grew up with a reputation as a skilled merchant and honest man and at
the age of twenty five this brought him a marriage proposal from an older,
wealthier woman, Khadijah, and in the next fifteen years he was successful in
business and happy in his marriage. However, he was clearly a man with a need
for solitude, and for many years he would spend weeks at a time living like a
hermit in a cave on Mount
Hira. When he was forty
years old, the Angel Gabriel disturbed his solitude there and ordered him to
recite. Naturally, he immediately believed he had lost his mind, and fled. He
only returned to hear what the Angel had to say when his wife and close friends
persuaded him that it might be worth a return trip up the mountain, just in
case; that it was probably a god idea to check if God was really trying to get
in touch.

It was easy to admire much of what followed as the
merchant transformed himself into the Messenger of God; easy to sympathize with
his persecution and eventual flight to Medina
and to respect his rapid evolution at the oasis community of Yathrib into
respected law-giver, able ruler and skilled military leader. It was also easy
to see how the world into which the Qur’an was revealed, and the events in the
life of the Messenger, directly influenced the revelation. When Muslim men were
killed in battle, the Angel was prompt to encourage their brothers to marry
their widows, in order that the bereaved women might not be lost to the faith
by remarrying outside it. When the Prophet’s beloved Aisha was rumored to have
behaved inappropriately while lost in the desert with a certain Safwan ibn
Marwan, the Angel of the Lord came down in some haste to point out that no, in
God’s opinion, the virtuous lady had not fooled around. And, more generally, it
was evident that the ethos of the Qur’an, the value system it endorsed, was, in
essence, the vanishing code of nomadic Arabs, the matriarchal, more caring
society that did not leave orphans out in the cold; orphans like, for example,
Muhammad himself, whose success as a merchant, he believed, entitled him to a place
on the city’s ruling body, and who had been denied such preferment because he
didn’t have a powerful family to fight for him.






قرآن کتاب خفت و بی آبرویی


Oh please Demo,

You have no moral currency left in defending Islam. The civilized world knows that Quran is a manual for death and slavery. It teaches to kill for Allah:


No wonder more and more Iranians are setting the shi**y book on fire. No need for a Florida pastor:

both men: 


and women:



قرآن چپولان؟


اگر چپول یعنی داشتن حق مساوی در ثروت مملکت، رعایت آزادی عقیده و مرام برای کل بشر،  و اجرای عدالت و میزان برای همه ملت بدون در نظر گرفتن روابط خویشاوندی و غیره آنوقت قرآن را میتوان قرآن چپولان نامید. و حقا چپول بودن به از کور و کر بودن است:

«خداوند بعضي از شما را بر بعضي ديگر از نظر روزي برتري داد (چرا كه استعدادها و تلاشهايتان متفاوت است) اما آنها كه برتري داده شده‏اند حاضر نيستند، از روزي خود به زیردستان خود بدهند و همگي مساوي گردند، آيا آنها نعمت خدا را انكار مي‏كنند؟» (١٦:٧١)

«اى كسانى كه ايمان آورده ‏ايد براى خدا به داد برخيزيد [و] به عدالت‏ شهادت دهيد و البته نبايد دشمنى گروهى شما را بر آن دارد كه عدالت نكنيد عدالت كنيد كه آن به تقوا نزديكتر است و از خدا پروا داريد كه خدا به آنچه انجام می‏دهيد آگاه است» (٥:٨)

«و اى قوم من پيمانه و ترازو را به داد تمام دهيد و حقوق مردم را كم مدهيد و در زمين به فساد سر برمداريد» (١١:٨٥)

«و وزن را به انصاف برپا داريد و در سنجش مكاهيد.» (٥٥:٩)


قرآن چپولان"!؟ مگه مجبورتان کردند عبارتهای بی سر و ته ببافید؟"


باز هم قافیه  تنگ آمد و نویسنده به جفنگ آمد؟


باز هم این قرآن چپولان پیداشون شد


بابا به چه زبونی به شما بگیم قرآن شما را نمیخواهیم!

با هزار بدبختی از ایران فرار کردیم که امثال شما به زور قرآن را شبانه روز در گوش و حلق و تحت ما فرو نکنند! حالا اینجا در ولایت استکبار هم دست از سر ما بر نمی دارید؟! پررویی هم حدی دارد بخدا!

جمع کنید اون قرآن کذایی و مسخره تان را که مایه استهزا جهانیان شده است!



آیات اوبامایی!


جل ال خالق!

این "قران سازمان اطلاعاتی‌" عجب قرانیست که یک "سوره اوباما" هم درش هست!


رای به اوباما رای به ابلیس است


و پیروزی او نشانگر القائات شیطان!
که عدالت خدا در راه است و میزان

«ما هيچ رسول و پيامبري را پيش از تو نفرستاديم مگر اينكه هر گاه آرزو مي‏كرد (و طرحي براي پيش برد اهداف الهي خود مي‏ريخت) شيطان القائاتي در آن مي‏كرد، اما خداوند القائات شيطان را از ميان مي‏برد سپس آيات خود را استحكام مي‏بخشيد و خداوند عليم و حكيم است.» (قرآن ٢٢:٥٢)


Well done America.

by vildemose on

Well done America. Congratulations to everyone who participated. I am so proud of our President. He said--paraphrasing:" America is special not because of it's powerful military or not even because of its innovation but because of it creates opportunity for everybody to make it; a most classless society in recent history".


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


رای به اوباما حکم انبیاست




و پیروزی اوباما نشانگر عدالت خداست! 



by Fred on


Like many other thing, you had it right on the nose.


BTW, still laughing at your   "Whack-a-Mole" responsibility
which you take "seriously."


Kudos indeed!



رای من کوش!


رای چه معنا دارد وقتی در آن نیست ذره ای از عقل و از هوش!


رای من کوش!




A great day for Americans, Iranian-Americans and Iranian opposition to the IR Regime.

Democracy works!

Also, kudos to those of us who accurately predicted the outcome more than 2 weeks ago!


جاوید شاه!


تعریف و برداشت اکابرانه دموکراسی در بلاگ اکابری بی اختیار یاد روستائیان زمان علاحضرت روستازاده (محمدرضا سوادکوهی) را زنده کرد که به هنگام زیارت تهران و بازدید مناره بیقواره شهیاد قربون شاه رفته و همراه جاهلین دیگر عربده جاوید شاه سرمیکشیدند در حالیکه یا نمیدانستند زیر تخت آن پایتخت چه میگذرد و یا اینکه خیلی خوب دانسته ولی خود را به کوچه علی چپ میزدند!
کودوس کوچه علی چپ.


Islamist nightmare

by Fred on

That is the thing with the Islamists, no matter what the subject; they got Israel on their mind.

Well deal with this scenario, Israel is not only America’s ally no matter who is President here or Prime Minister over there; she is Iran’s historic and strategic ally as well.  Nothing can change that.

Sooner rather than later, the Messianic Islamist Rapists, “reformers” and all will be put out to pasture by the Iranian people, and then Iran and Israel can reunite and bring calm and tranquility to the region. Deal with that Islamist nightmare reality.


nightmare scenario in telaviv


Obama relected. What would they do?