Kudos to America on Iran!

by Fred

Yesterday the leader of the sane world, United States, put the terror triumvirate of police, Revolutionary Guard and the Basij thugs of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, on the sanctions list.

Starting with the Head Rapist Khamenei, the civilized world must also put the leaders and upper echelon apparatchiks of IRR, “reformers” and all, on its sanctions and travel ban list.

Secretary Clinton’s declaration in part states:

“The United States stands with all Iranians who wish for a government that respects their human rights, their dignity and their freedom, and we call on the Iranian government to end its systematic human rights abuses and political hypocrisy,"

It seems by putting the abominable treatment of the Iranian people by the savage Islamist Rapists on par with the illegal weaponized nuke program, the United States has finally decided to do the American thing.

Siding with democracy craving people is in America’s DNA, her historical calling which she is so good at.

Iranian people along with the Israelis are the best friends of Americans in the region; it is time for America to do her thing for her Iranian friends.



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DN of A

by پندارنیک on

Since when has America become the leader of the sane world?

Do you really wanna talk about America's DNA? Isolationism, my well-read friend, is the building block of the  American DNA . The Americans are sick and tired of their tax money spent on the state of Israel as the biggest recipient of the American foreign Aid.

You know as much the rest of us know that Israel is fast reaching the much-feared point where she'll no longer be able to force herself as the biggest liability to the American nation.


salman farsi

I fear

by salman farsi on

 you are taking this "American thing" for real!

 For an Islamic democracy