by Fred

Do you remember the latest Iranian lawyer, Lady Nasrin Sotoudeh who for the crime of diligently defending her client was thrown into solitary confinement?

Now the news comes that both her husband and her attorney have been told by the Islamist Rapists that if they do not pipe-down, they too will be arrested.

Sotudeh’s husband, Reza Khandan, has said the warning came in the usual form of a phone call from the Intelligence Ministry warning Nasrin’s attorney, Lady Ghanavi that arrest warrants have been issued for her and Khandan, should they participate in any interview with media they would be arrested.

My question:

Where are all the ABA folks, where on earth are the multitude of Iranian attorneys practicing outside Iran, when are these people going to make issue of how IRR is abusing their colleagues?

Why on behalf of their wrongfully imprisoned Iranian colleagues they don’t bring class action suite against IRR and its functionaries going after their personal assets outside Iran?



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Ali P.

Sacred Profession

by Ali P. on

In a bar admission commencement, I heard this question asked, by a judge,several times, about the atrocities committed by Nazis in Germany,


tomorrow, when our homeland is free, the same question is going to be asked, by 70 million Iranians: 





"Where were the lawyers?" 


Many reasons


Like alot of people inside Iran, the diaspora are still passive about political issues.


But why not send send emails to the iranian american bar association: //  and ask them the very same question?


For a list of Iranian lawyers: //

Nader Vanaki

آقا فرد اینکار دل وجیگر میخواد

Nader Vanaki

که وکلای هموطن ما در خارج یه سیخ هم ازش ندارن.


Fred, Type L

by comrade on

For a logical question, and suggestion. Let see if the comfy opposition can ever get its act together.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



Good job Fred

by mahmoudg on

keep it up


Excellent Fred

by Simorgh5555 on

Keep up the good work



by P_T_B_A on

When is your contract up with IRI?  I bet you are going to ask for more in the new contract for your good service.

Sargord Pirouz

"Fred" writing Type C

by Sargord Pirouz on

This piece is barely legible in spots. For that and it's tone, it's classified as "Fred" writing Type C.

It's writing of this poor quality that previously led me to assess that this "Fred" effort couldn't possibly be a contractual, funded effort. Although, the other writer types that make an appearance, from time to time, as well as the regularity and frequency of the effort suggest otherwise. 

The title of "Lady" for this attorney is noteworthy, for being a generally non-American distinction.