The least bad option

by Fred

To reinvigorate declining sales figures and lure back the lost customers, companies usually try to find out the cause and remedy it.

However, there are some which try to take the easy way out, repackaging the old product and presenting it as new and improved.  And there are those companies which stand by their product and try to change the customers’ taste.

Of the three methods, the first one is the most successful and the last one has the least chance of success.

Observing the internal factional infighting in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, one cannot resist the analogy of trying to sale an old unpopular product.

The problem is what the “reformist” faction of IRR does is basically the repackaging of their old snake oil, i.e. reforming the Islamist beast though the same “constitution” and the same set of messianic belief and dogma. It seems even with all the funds at their disposal to have satellite TV channel(s) and multiple sites and other outlets, not that many new or old customers are buying it.

And the winning IRR faction is into sticking with the same product as is and trying to change the customer’s mind about its benefits and growth potential.

It is time to throw all the Islamist bums out and retire them for good. Iran and Iranians deserve better and time is ripe to go for the best and not settle for the least bad.


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you sound like a mad man fred, shouting but not listening


shouting overthrow, sanctions, airtight, overthrow, sanctions without much regard for the ones who will suffer because of these stupid slogans!you are no more Messianic than the "islamist rapists".


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Talk is cheap. Action is what is needed not just talk and blogs. I made a suggestion for something real. We are not going to get freedom by writing blogs and begging America. Or expect Israel to remove Mollahs and give us democracy.

We are on our own and better face it. If not then IR will go and something just as rotten will replace it. See what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now imagine if they had a valid government in exile before hand. It would have been a lot better.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I am still puzzled. Do these blogs help overthrow the IR? If so how.

No one is questioning the right to speech; I just am curious how. I understand the need to vent; I do that. But I don't expect my venting to do much except make me feel better. I rather see an organized "Government in Exile" NOT MKO!! 

Maybe a coalition where the millions of people in diaspora get to vote and elect officials. Then we will have a legitimate system ready to take over. Ideally it would include Monarchists; Republicans; Socialists; Marxists; Nationalists all of them except for the Rajavi gang. They could talk to governments even make deals. We know the IR will fall but what next? This will be a real solid alternative that would prevent chaos and disintegration and war. It gives hope for a better future to people in Iran and others.


Fred, I like it

by mahmoudg on

I agree 100%.  We have to say it and we have to say it forcefully, and as many times as is humanly possible.  People do read these blogs.  We get personal and sometimes public comments about these blogs, but the reality is, our ideology, yours more so than mine (tight sanctions vs surgical attacks) are very very popular.  aside from one or two paid agents on this side, hundreds of thousands of others (if not millions) agree with one of the methods above.  So I say good work, lets keep it up and those who have to see it will do so.



by Fred on

This type of mindset, they set their policy based on their own agenda, why bother, is based on wrong assumption.

Sane world governments do care and take notice; otherwise there would have been no need for many conduits of peoples’ opinion. And Islamist Rapists would not employ so many gofers, conjoined twin lobbies and nuke peddlers if it was all for nothing.


My aim is simple, I keep saying it all the time, the overthrow of the Islamist Rapists, “reformers” and all.

 Before they impose another war on Iran, they have got to be overthrown.  And more importantly, to stop the thirty two years of raping, maiming and murdering Iranian men, women and children.

Thankfully I live in a free country and can exercise my right to free speech, and that, in any form which I can, I’ll do until the emancipation of Iran and Iranians.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I agree that IR has to go. I agree they are doing a lot of damage to Iran. But I see no benefit from non stop writing about it on IC. What good will any of this do for anyone.

My question is: what do you expect to accomplish by these blogs? Does the US government set policy based on blogs in IC? Does EU do this? No, they do what they decide based on their own assessment. So what is the point of a blog a day demanding more sanctions? 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Re: Enemies

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


China is not our enemy. They simply want make China more powerful. They have never taken our territory nor have they invaded us. They just want oil and a strong economy. They don't care who is running Iran.

All they want is a good deal on oil and to sell their junk. Honestly Chinese bear us no malice.

Russia on the other hand is our enemy. They took a large amount of our land. They came up with all the crap about the "Azari" nation. All the BS you hear from the Republic of Azarbijan is Soviet propaganda. They invaded Afghanistan. They had Iran divided up with Britain during the Ghajars. They were a part of the "Ally" invasion of Iran. Then would not move out. It took USA to kick them out of northern Iran. We need to know our real enemies and Russia is on top of the list of them.

Sargord Pirouz

"Fred" writer type B appears to be working overtime

by Sargord Pirouz on

What's it to you folks at Fred, anyway? You're not part of the Iranian electorate. That's up to the electorate to decide, and during the last election 85% of us voted. That's 20%-plus more than those that turnout for US or Israeli elections.

So yet another foolish opinion from this propagandist effort. 



by hirre on

Iranian's main enemies are the chinese and russians. China in particular is the new economy, more and more people buy cars and the country is getting more and more oil dependant for each day... People who support the green environmental movement indirectly support a free Iran...


ah so Fred's least bad option is to starve millinos of iranians


.... iraq style (sanctions) and start a new war. what a great idea neocon war advocate Fred! that'll show them regime rapists!


the least bad option is public coercion and collective punishment! the neocon war advocate Fred way! 


Blood oil

by Fred on

The weak sanctions need to be strengthened and made airtight. The incremental decrease in buying blood oil from the Islamist Rapists has already begun, however it needs to be added to the sanction list.

As much as the rabid Islamists and their lobbies try, the die is cast, to shorten the additional suffering period by Iran and Iranians, the tightening of sanctions need to be speeded up. The alternative has to be avoided.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

What do you

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


propose Fred?

Sanctions are already in. The one thing not in is sanctions on oil exports. I do not see that happening since the Chinese or Europeans will not go for it. So where do we go from here.

As for the "product" it stinks. We all know that and so do people in Iran. The religious ones in particular hate IR and Khamenei as a perversion of Islam. In some way I am glad IR is destroying Islam. I never liked it anyway so thanks to Khamenei many others have come to my view. 


What do you know Fred about what Iranians deserve?


Someone who advocates collective punishment. someone who advocates war (airtight sanctions). someone who appologizes for those who call for fanning the ethnic chasms inside Iran does not have the credibility to preach about what Iranians deserve.Just like Netanyahu whose government was caught  recently for advocating the same sort of prescription for the ordinary Palestinians and Iranians alike. 


charlatanism is dead, long live charlatanism!