Lets hope Moscow talks fail

by Fred

This coming Monday and Tuesday, the representative of the free world plus Russia and China are to meet with the weaponized nuke acquiring Messianic Islamists in Moscow.

Some are hoping unlike the umpteenth meetings in the past decade, Moscow talks will bare some fruit, I do not.

In addition to reasons cited in a previous blog written ahead of the failed Baghdad meeting, here are two more:

2- Messianic Islamists’ constant nefarious interference in other countries’ internal affairs will not allow any peace in the Middle East.

3- Once they get their nuke or become nuke-ready, and they soon will be, having a messianic Islamist North Korea with nuke and ICBMs smack in the middle of the vital region of the Middle East will have the sane world looking back at the 444 days of American diplomats taken hostage by the Islamists as the good ol’ days.

Success in Moscow only buys time for the messianic Islamists. There is still time, airtight sanctions plus air/naval inspection and logistical help to the Iranian people to actuate a regime change is the only option.


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No Need to Hope for Failure

by Faramarz on

These talks were "Dead on Arrival" before they even started. Regime tried to be cute with Parchin by cleaning, painting (Aab Jaaroo) and ultimately razed the buildings.

If one pays attention to knowledgeable and impartial Iran analysts like Abbas Milani or Karim Sadjadpour, they both predicted that the talks would go nowhere months ago. Their main reason was the inherent nature of the Regime which precludes any compromise with the western world.

But Trita and NIAC kept peddling (Bazar Garmi) for a deal, as they are still doing today. But their focus have now shifted to EU.