The “liberation of Aleppo حلب” is on

by Fred

The battle to liberate Aleppo is on, the “Free Syrian Army” has announced.

In a video posted by activists on YouTube, Col. Abdul-Jabbar Mohammed Aqidi, the commander of Free Syrian Army forces in Aleppo province, says:

"We gave the orders for the march into Aleppo with the aim of liberating it. We urge the residents of Aleppo to stay in their homes until the city is liberated,"

While this operation to liberate the historic city of Allepo (Halab) has begun, the fight to liberate Damascus is ongoing.

The Battist murderers are using Russian made helicopter gunships, heavy battle tanks and artillery against the freedom fighters with light weapons.

Russia, China along with the Messianic Islamist Rapist Republic of Iran which is actively involved in the mass murdering of the Syrian people, continue backing the murderous Battists.

It is time for the free world to step up to the plate and impose no fly zone, prohibit using tanks and artillery against civilian neighborhoods.


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راه آزادی قدس از دمشق میگذرد


 جوجه را آخر پائیز میشمرند!!

I wear an Omega watch


unfortunate choice of timing for Syrian uprising......

by zolfali1 on

sleepless days during the holy month of rama-dama-dam-dam for the leaders of Islamist regime. khamenei waking screaming "pull that sword out of assad joon's rear end, he is not used to sharp objects." 

khamenei & ahmadinejad are next. time for liberation of iran is approaching fast. time for islamist regime cronies to update teir resumes. 

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

If the Zionists think that a torn up Syria would guarantee the continuation of Israel's regional hegemony, then they should think again.............the Islamists who already have the nuclear arsenal, not the IRI, will naturally form the unison in order to achieve the biblical  destruction of Israel..........


Some liberation

by Frashogar on

When the so-called liberators are Qatari funded and Turkish based lunatic Islamist sectarians