Limbless in Iran

by Fred

The purveyors of Divine justice, those heavenly robed men who run IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, are busier than usual these days with their enforcing God’s Will on earth.

The problem is not only their barbarism in the name of justice and security has not brought any security or justice to Iran; on the contrary it has made Iran a fertile land for injustice and lack of security.

Take for example their barbaric practice of gouging eyes out or chopping off limbs of the supposed offenders, they just announced carrying out such a sentence in southern Iran.

A victim the Islamist Rapists claim to have been part of a three man armed cargo hijacking gang had one leg and hand chopped off for his crime. This is while the Islamist Rapists themselves are openly flaunting their own laws by literally raping Iranian men, women and children and enriching themselves by robbing the country blind all with official impunity.

How are all those limbless Iranians going to make a living for the rest of their lives?

What about justice for Iran and Iranians for what IRR does to them all the times?




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judgment day for IRR

by mehdi79 on

the day of reckoning & judgment for Islamist rapist republic will come too my friend!! dont worry its just matter of time