Live TV Nukie

by Fred

After nearly eight years of useless talks and numerous UNSC resolutions, the talks with the Messianic Islamists over what President Obama and others have termed their “weaponized” nuke program are at an impasse.

Fars, the Revolutionary Guard’s news outlet, reports the Foreign Ministry spokesman has said:

"The talks that we have pursued have been so transparent and our proposals have been so specific that the Iranian side has even proposed a live TV coverage of the whole talks.”

Although the Islamist spokesman has dismissed the possibility of one on one talk with the U.S., something which pro-Islamist lobbyists blame U.S. for not doing so, if this live TV proposal is supplemented with accepting unannounced intrusive inspections by the IAEA inspectors to visit any site of their choosing, it could potentially lead to a peaceful resolution of the nuke crisis.

For the sake of avoiding the catastrophe of preventive military action(s), lets hope it is the case.


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