Living with nuclear Khamenei

by Fred

The representative of the sane world lead by U.S. plus Czar Putin’s Russia and China have announced their acceptance of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic’s condition for talks that have no preconditions.

 Although this is not a good day for advocates of adherence to International Law, it is nevertheless a development long been sought by the IRR, its international business, mostly oil, beneficiaries and lobbies.

As the newswire report it the catalyst for the sudden about-face is the IRR “package” delivered on Wednesday. Preliminary reports and reactions by the sane world spoke of IRR rephrasing of the old packages in which the main point of contention, i.e. IRR’s  illegal dual use full cycle nuke program being brushed aside to give room for  sermonizing the world on the folly of their ways and the benefits of IRR style rule.

If that is the case then banking on any positive outcome will be tantamount to buying Bear Stearns stocks just before it went out of business.

In the past few months the sane world has witnessed what IRR has been doing for the past thirty years, which is torturing, raping and murdering the enslaved Iranian men, woman and children with impunity.

The IRR is in its final dash to become a nuclear power and any one with an iota of deductive reasoning should know the consequence of such awesome power in the hands of a doomsday messianic cult which gives as much consideration to kill and rape the children of its own consummate insiders as a snail gives to Voltaire’s essays.

Before it is too late the sane world has to empower the beleaguered Iranian nation to overthrow this Islamist world menace.


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Isrealis are out of control cause of the Bomb

by pars35 on

IRI with a bomb is bad for Iranian Population, what is going to stop IRI to drop one on Shiraz or South of Tehran?

2nd Nuclear safety is the last thing on these peoples mind




by Ostaad on

I am not sure how you KNOW what "the region" knows unless you claim you are prevy to all top secrets of the governments in the "region".  What assurances do you have the rulers of Zionistan would not call any situation they find suitable for a nuclear attack on Iran or other countries as a "last resort"? 

Against the background of that foolish remark, your blind trust in the judgment of a bunch of fanatical invaders armed with nukes can indicate two things. You're either a career propagandist for the Zionists or a mere political illiterate.


The problem with Imperialist colonizers:

by Q on

they think everyone else is an idiot.



by cyclicforward on

That is BS and you know it. Nothing Israel can do to stop propagation of Nukes. The region knows that Israel doctrine is not to nuke them unless as a measure of last resort.


There can be a freeze, very soon

by Q on

If Israel were to offer to disarm its nuclear stockpile and join the NPT as part of the deal.

All Arab nations and Iran would feel like they have saved face and submit to a multilateral UN-monitored enrichment scheme for power. A nuclear free middle east is what they all -- including Iran -- have agreed to, and it would stop an arms race. It is the quickest path to peace.

But of course Israel isn't interested in that is it?


Fred, I know how sad you've been since hearing the...

by Ostaad on

news that "the world" has decided to talk to Iran. That's quite OK by me. The point that keeps going over your head is the West has decide to talk to IRAN, not just the regime.

The West has realized the best way to "change" Iran is to empower the kind of Iranian people who are endangering their lives and livelihoods by standing up to the regime. The way to empower the Iranian middle/working class is by providing sustainable economic growth. You do that, then watch the regime wither away in the face of strong opposition inside Iran.

You keep coming up with many fancy words and phrases to depict the regime as an entity just by itself, but you cannot hide your utter ignorance about the big picture. The big picture is about Iran's geopolitical role in the region regardless of who or what kind of regime is in charge.

The US and France are licking their chops anticipating billions of dollars in revenues and profits by selling nuclear power plants Qatar, as well as other Persian Gulf countries,  That entire business's biggest booster has been Iran.

Whatever is going on is about the rest of the 21st. century policies in the ME that will affect all of us.  Right now it NOT important who is in power.

Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water.


Dear Fred

by benross on

If Israel bomb Iran (it is actually using this posturing for gaining back the good old full support of U.S. in Israel-Palestine conflict) but if it actually bomb Iran, the only thing U.S. can do to calm the region is to bomb Israel!

Bombing Iran will not happen. Israel is not that stupid. International community should understand that Iranian people need more time to organize themselves for an alternative.

U.S and the world will not allow nuclear capability in Islamic Iran. Period. Iranian people have other priorities in mind right now.


  Dear Fred: I think Obama

by vildemose on

  Dear Fred: I think Obama and Hillary came to the conclusion that Iran is not interested in negotiating or stopping its nuclear program back in March when Hillary introduced the concept of  nuclear umbrella for the region.

The US is nuking Dubai instead to counter IRI's adventurism in the region 

There is nothing more profitable for the military industiral complex than starting an arms race in the region. The defense contractors are salivating over the windfall as we speak.

Krane: American Nuclear Reactors for Dubai, Iran’s Best Friend

Jim Krane writes in a guest op-ed for IC