The lobby wants $50.000.00

by Fred

All during GW Bush’s Presidency the lovelies attacked him personally and the American foreign policy generally as the cause for the lack of progress in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic’s attempts at rapprochement with U.S.

The lovelies contended that since Islamist Rapists are “pragmatic” only if America had a President who would extend a hand of friendship and be willing to talk with IRR things would work out.

One of the lobbies which spearheaded that nonsense even prided itself of being instrumental in defeating a “war resolution” in the U.S. Congress and was actively encouraging people to vote into office the current U.S. President who it said would do the right thing to untangle the U.S.-IRR Gordian knot--is now asking for donations using defeating the “war resolution” as its high mark of achievement.

 Two points:

1- Where is the proof that the resolution was meant to facilitate war and how did this lobby defeat it?

2- Since the current U.S. President’s policy of being nice to IRR a la what the lobby prescribed has failed miserably and he along with Congress are now being way tougher on IRR than his predecessor was, the lobby has to account for its failure to attack him  with the same stinging attacks they poured on Bush. Or,  admit to its own failed vision and policies which have consistently favored IRR.


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