Looking for Mr. Goodbar

by Fred

While the sane world considers its dwindling options on how to deal with IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic which in defiance of the international law is going full force for the nuke, Iranian men, women and children have once again become the sacrificial lambs.

As the savage, at this point, rabid, Islamist Rapists publically goad one another to murder more Iranians; the sane world is deciding to impose what sort of sanctions which will not “hurt Iranian people”.

At long last the sane world is ever slowly getting to the point of realizing “reformed” Islamist is stuff of fairy tales, that the entire Iranian economy is owned by the Islamists and that the last chance to avoid war is sanctions. But now it is debating what to sanction which will not hurt the Iranian people and curry favor with the “good Islamists”.  

Iranian men, women and children are being regularly raped, tortures, maimed and murdered and the sane world is concerned about putting pressured on them, talk about can’t see the forest for the trees. Under their watch, according to the Islamist Rapists themselves, nearly half of the Iranian population live below or near poverty line.

The absurdity of it is mind-boggling; this whole train of thought in the sane world is insane. Didn’t Rwanda leave any lasting lessons, how about Milosevic’s Serbia? Like in Rwanda, the Islamists are openly asking for elimination of other human beings, like Serbia, rape, torture, murder and imposed poverty have become official state policy, wake up!




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