Love W, damn Obama


by Fred

As far as IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic is concerned the good old days of W are long gone never to be replicated.  What a fantastic times they were, too bad there is a term limit, he could have been reelected for the third, fourth time, even permanently, the man was just precious and loved.

Here just five of many reasons for posthumous appreciation:

1- So many U.S. allies showed their disapproval of his policies by cozying up to IRR.

2- It was the golden days for the Islamist Rapists’ lobbyists; all they had to say to gain peoples’ trust was something against the Cowboy or his sidekick.

3- The unprecedented rise in bilateral trade during his tenure was nice too.

4- Refusal to forego precondition for talking with IRR was a heaven-sent, let IRR off the hook doing the lobbyists’ job for them.

5- The mothballed commies, loony lefties, suite and tie Islamists adored him for the opportunity created to propagate their gibberish in a vaunted anti-W wrapping.   


Then Obama had to come and ruin a good thing, here some of the damage already done:

1- Allies have taken the lead in opposing nuke acquiring Islamist Rapists.

2- Poor lobbyists are caught between a rock and a hard place, they now got to come up with asinine sanctions to minimize hurting IRR.

3- Forget bilateral trade, talk about actual tightening of screws, bye bye Alavi.

4- Here is America’s stretched out hand, no precondition, lobbyists now have to explain the unexplainable white-knuckle fist of the Islamist Rapists.  

5- Poor octogenarian commies, la-la land lefties and clean shaven Islamists are all tongue-tied now.

That damn Obama, it was not supposed to turn out this way.


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ramin parsa


by ramin parsa on

Who are you, man?

I repeat my earlier question, DO YOU GET PAID EXTRA FOR EVERY TIME YOU USE THE WORD "ZIONIST" in one of your posts?

Every time I see a post by you, you throw it this word, sort of pathetic really. Is it an insecurity complex, a redherring ploy, a form of misdirection, or a brainwashing defect, or just too many lazy afternoons spent at the local mosque chanting death to Israel? 

REAL Iranians don't give a shit about the plight of your Palestinians and zionist this and zionist that, do you hear, pal? 


Yes and along that line

by Bavafa on

Yes and along that line don't forget the good old days of "do as your wish" to the Israeli/Zionist is also over.

We see more and more "speaking up" against the terrorist activities of the IDF and their war crimes against humanity.

The world is hopeful that Obama will take his stand for justice seriously and will recognize the state of Palestine with E. Jerusalem as its capital.

Bye bye apartheid, bye bye murder & occupation


Ali9 Akbar

I wonder what would have happened if..

by Ali9 Akbar on

Ross Perot won in 1992 instead of Bill Clinton.....


That we'll never know.... 


Mien Führer

by Fred on

You say: “…wanted to bomb Iran or sanction it and got paid good money for it by foreigners.”

As someone who advocates airtight sanctions against the Islamist Rapists, providing supporting proof for your assertion would make it possible to collect back pay; your assistance would be much obliged.

The other three points in your “couple of points” are opinions as good as any but unless you are representing a whole lot of mien Führers, using plural pronoun “we” is problematic.


Obama's most important policy decision

by AMIR1973 on

Obama's most important policy decision thus far has been to escalate the Afghan war. So yes, to quote the man: "change has come to America".


couple of points


1. About alies "cozing up" to IRR. Hardly the case.  Iran's nuclear file was brought up to UNSC. Sanctions ensured... and trade with EU was almost halved under Bush.If anything, IRR today has more allies, in Latin America, Turkey you name it.

2. About them lobbyists.. I would argue that it was the golden days of certain monarchist and mujaheddin lobbyist who could get away with saying how much they wanted to bomb Iran or sanction it and got paid good money for it by foreigners.

3. About trade with US. It's not like they were trading military assets. The unprecedented was solely because of the imports under Ahmadinejad doctrine of "import solves everything" of food products. As per US sanctions anything non-food related is banned as far as I know. 

4. Lastly, whats with all the adjectives?  It's almost as if you're trying to nail your message with a hammer through the reader's head.  We get it, you hate anyone who doesnt share your worldview.