Lovelies R back

by Fred

The new wave of pro-status quo, anti-sanction campaigns by business interests through mostly connected to, or having sympathy for, the “reformist” faction of the Islamists ruling over Iran has begun.

As dogged attempts designed to frame sanctions on par with war has failed, despite getting a great initial public exposure, some of the new wave of actions backed by the pro regime lobbies have quickly fizzled out as well.

The avalanche of articles, video pleas/testimonials and gatherings all asking for “diplomatic solution” to the intractable problem continues unabated.

What is missing from all these actions, and perhaps the main reason behind their failure, has nothing to do with their true intention, rather, with the dearth of messages lacking any solution.

Assuming the goal is not to buy time, it is one thing to want peace and tranquility, but ignoring indisputable facts is not going to help achieving it.

Fact, Islamists refuse to abide by numerous UNSC resolutions.

Fact, on numerous occasions and at the highest levels, the Messianic Islamists have threatened a UN member state, Israel, with annihilation.

Fact, President Obama is on the record describing their nuke program as a “weaponized” one, even one of the compensated nuke lobbyist admitted on VOA that the program is insurance for the longevity of the regime.

However, the most important basic fact which these peaceniks habitually overlook is the 34 years of sanctions on life, liberty and pursuit of happiness including economic, cultural and human rights the Messianic Islamists have imposed on all Iranians.

In other words, the lovelies are ok with 34 years of Islamists’ oppressive, murderous sanctions, they only object to sanctions which attempt to break the stalemate in place of war.


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Soosan Khanoom

Take it easy Fred

by Soosan Khanoom on

God forbid if Sanctions and Bombs fall short we don't want you go kookoo.  

: ) 

Soosan Khanoom

And who are in the Shah's team?

by Soosan Khanoom on

Aladdin , sleeping beauty, snow white, and Of Course our sweet Lion King...

lol... Sorry Amir jan Couldn't help it.  



by Rea on

".... filthy, criminal Zionism" ?

What the heck is that supposed to mean, can you define it ?

Or just another parrot echoing ? 


Fred, the goal is not regime change by the USA & Co.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

If it had ever been, over the last 10 years they would not have turned a blind eye to a UK bank doing 250 Billion Dollars and the UK bank was only doing it because at the top the goal has always been to love and keep extremists for Iran.  The only reason the US finally went after the Bank is again not because US goals have changed.  First thing the USA needs to do is to change its own aims for the region, by changing its own fundamental goals, the rest will change positively.  This is why your requests otherwise seem childish non-solutions to any educated person in this field.  Your views are more like a high school kid demanding xyz be done, because you heard it on a tv used to control views in a direction to sell something, to a neurosurgeon that actually knows far better what is going on.  

The Iranian people, the shahs team can remove this regime with zero outside help, sanctions, weapons etc and provide a UN sanctioned election for the people this is the real non violent solution. among those in control of elements of power in Iran today the shah has more support among them than thier own supreme leader and what needs to be worked out is how many heads to give amnesty to.  Those electing Americans to the US government, the last thing they want to see is another shah leading Iran, elected by the people, causing progress, peace, human rights and freedom from their dictates in favor of the people of Irans development.


be understanding and open your own mind before you try influencing others with your non-solutions.  I hope giving you the solution, didn't in any way diminish the sense of pride that comes with knowing the correct answer. In Irans case regime change isn't some elaborate process requiring media/money/organization etc.  The reason the shahs team hasn't just gone ahead and done it is it makes no sense stepping into a river at the head of a deadly water fall, so long as the west g7 are united by the usa in despotism for Iran, the shahs team can not go against them all and win, they either change or live with the extreme consequences.

First Amendment

Reforms Я Us...

by First Amendment on


Aren't the advocates of the filthy, criminal Zionism which has enslaved the honorable Jewish people for so long supposed to be the last ones to mention anything about UNSC resolutions?