The lovely sophists

by Fred

Based on incontrovertible evidence the description of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic could be summarized thusly:

1- A wholly illegitimate entity impervious to logic, civility, vote, dialogue and/or reform.

2- An organized criminal enterprise highly prone to raping, torturing, mutilating and murder human beings, especially Iranians.

3- The worst enemy Iran and Iranians have had for at least five and maybe up to eight generations.

And options to deal with IRR:

1- Live and let live, aka status quo, the continuation of present misery for Iran and Iranians with a great possibility of a war to boot.

2- Vote the bastards out; well that little nonsense has not worked with IRR for three decades, has it?

3- Iran’s problem is domestic, Iranian people have to fight their own fight without any help. Right on, prescribing it while Latte-sipping and bumming cigarettes at a Haight-Ashbury hangout seems perfectly plausible. But as a matter of technicality, how do you fight a foaming at the mouth rabid beast intent on tearing you to pieces while you are hogtied?

Playing the populist demagogue with lots of nonsensical sophistries has run its course. Real Iranian men, women and children have been and are being raped, maimed, tortured, imprisoned and murdered on daily basis.

It is high time for regime change through airtight sanctions which includes oil. The Islamist Rapists’ weaponized nuke acquisition is about to impose a devastating war on Iran, Iranians and the entire ME. It has to be headed off, if not airtight sanctions then what?

Time for pussyfooting is long past.


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