Majid Tavakoli, abacus & freedom


by Fred

Till the introduction of the cash register to Iran, abacus ruled supreme. For instance a typical lunch at a local kebab-house would have included the owner of the establishment sitting at a desk of some kind and while naming aloud the dishes and side items the exiting patrons had adding their bill up with his abacus.

Something like, you had two portions of kebab which is ten Touman, an extra portion of grilled tomatoes, which brings up the bill to eleven Toman and so forth.

Now, if in the above snapshot of yesteryears one were to replace the owner with the current Godly folks at IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic and the dishes with portions of freedom consumed by any Iranian, the abacus routine still holds.

For instance listen to this revelation by Ali Tavakoli whose brother Majid is no stranger to many worldwide. That is right, the same Majid whose punishment for the high crime of delivering an unflattering speech on campus included the publication of his photos in a mandatory Islamist women getup.

Which when in solidarity many men wore some resemblances of that ridicules Islamist uniform Iranian ladies are forced to wear, it got lots of worldwide attention.

Keep the abacus and the kebab-house routine in mind while reading Ali’s listing the charges his convicted brother is going to pay for the freedom portions he consumed in that short campus speech:

For assembling and colluding: 5 years

For insulting the Leader: 2 years

For propagandizing against the [IRR] establishment: 1 year

For insulting the President: 6 months

And also five years ban from political activity and five years of being disallowed to leave Iran [banishment to Iran]

Which brings the grand total to: another life ruined for the crime of being an Iranian human being while in IRR.




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