Match made in heaven


by Fred

On Wednesday something remarkable happened. Remarkable in the sense that it was the very first time a European Foreign Minister from a veto-wielding power no less coupled IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic’s atrocious human rights record with its illegal nuke program(s).

In a letter to EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, the French Foreign Minister Kouchner in part said:

"We need to encourage the Union in initiatives to remind Iranian authorities that, as well on the nuclear file, their attitude of isolation has a price, which they can liberate as soon as they choose a more responsible behavior and more in line with their international commitments on the subject of human rights,"

AFP reports it has a copy of Ashton’s letter replying to Kouchner in part saying:

"Your concerns over the human rights situation in Iran exactly reflect mine,"

EU lining up with American policy of demanding Islamist Rapists stopping their dual purpose clandestine illegal nuke enrichment program as well as for a change respecting human rights of Iranians is fantastic news.

To try yet again to defuse the escalating crisis between the Islamist Rapists and the civilized world, sometime next month two sides are to meet.

It is incumbent on the civilized world’s representatives to not let Islamist Rapists off the hook over their crimes against humanity. There is a reason for International Criminal Court’s existence and no more deserving defendants that the Islamist Rapists to face the music there.






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