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by Fred

The destructive nature of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, toward Iran and Iranians is a matter of established fact. So is IRR’s funding for international terrorism and the near certainty of it pursuing weaponized nuke in violation of international law.

There are basically two ways of dealing with such unreformable rogue regimes, military action or economic pressure with the intention of ousting them. Happily the world has wisely chosen to forgo the former and pursue the latter.

However, in applying economic pressure, it is being pursued halfheartedly and incrementally. In other word, in the hope of Islamist Rapists seeing the light and changing their ways, the sane world is ratcheting up the pressure piecemeal. I contend, and the evidence indicates that it is the wrong approach.

As it is going, the Islamist Rapists have the best of both worlds. They have the luxury of continuous petrodollars inflow into their coffers, and the newly imposed weak sanctions as the excuse for their thirty two years of thievery and mismanagement.

If the sane world is serious about the sanctions route it says it prefers to the military action, it must then apply it wholeheartedly.

Oil and gas is the lifeblood of IRR, international energy market can easily afford doing without it, stopping the petrodollars inflow is the right thing to do.

Providing the fed up Iranians with material support to overthrow their unreformable tyrants, is the right thing to do.

Support which includes strike fund for key sectors costs fraction of what a single day of military action would cost, is definitely the right thing to do.

To avoid the calamity of having the messianic Islamists with announced mission to “manage the world” get their hand on nuke, adding oil and gas to the list of sanctions is the ultimate right thing to do.


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as always

by shushtari on

fred, please ignore our cyber bache-akhoond-basijis

Anonymous Observer

"aryansorna" - I didn't exactly get the meaning of your comment

by Anonymous Observer on

I think this one didn't have enough "Yaghobi" in it.  Can you please revise your comment and throw in a few more of those?  We just want to get the full flavor of your antisemitism and paranoia about the Jooooooose.  :-))


This is 1953 again stupid

by aryansorna on

The arguments have nothing to do with
"funding for international terrorism" or "pursuing weaponized nuke in violation of international law"
as you can find the Saudies doing a better job at the first one &
Yagobies at the second one. The arguments is that Iran should not
have any right what so ever about any of its sovereign affairs. being
oil & gas in 1953 or nuclear advancement now, or space in future.
It must remain a client state as it was under before and obay the
masters and Yagobies as the "chosen ones". I say beelaakh
"Middle finger". And that's what is burning the Yagoby


Tool-child known as Haji Fred

by J.S. on

Which the real name is prob Mohammad from Saudi who has moved to the US and became jewish. Hence the name Fred.


So I used the washroom and I still think that you-all need to stand up and take responsibility for yourselves.

In washroom language. Don´t expect no one else to wipe yooooo ass son.... HHHHuuuummmmmkay?

 Either way Mohammad, we don´t care. We could care less if Iran gave a suit case nuke to hizbollah and out did Hitler. We could care less if Iran gave the Shias in Saudi 3.


IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER... The UN members will never screw thier own people and force higher prices at the pump.



Sargord Pirouz

First of all, where is the

by Sargord Pirouz on

First of all, where is the evidence of Iran's nuclear weaponization? The 2007 NIE is still in effect.

Second, the NPT is a treaty. It is not international law. So if a UN member that signed the NPT commits to nuclear weaponization, it is in violation of its treaty obligations. 

Furthermore, if a UN member withdraws from or never signs the NPT and weaponizes, like Israel, they are not in violation of international law.

You people at "Fred" really need a competent editor. A high school student could provide a more intelligently written propagandist effort than this. 


Haji J.S.

by Fred on

Form the vocabulary and tone of your comment, it seems more than anything else, you are in desperate need of using the washroom, go Haji go.


So let me understand cause and effect:

by J.S. on

You want the In-I mean-sane world to stop buying gas and oil from Iran?

So the effect will be a multiple increase for everyone for the refined product!

 Dude are you high?!?!

Where in God´s earth (if earth) do you live!?!?! Do you not know we are in the middle of the great recccccioooooon? Do you live in a country were all your shit is provided for you?

Counting under employeed, unemployeed, and not seeking a job. over 40% of the US is poor as shit. No Iranian Nuke is going to reach us here in the US. If you are in Saudi or whatever your plate; your shit; your problem.

Stand up and take responsibility for your problems and stop asking for the world to hold your hand while you piss.


Oil was the lifeblood of Saddam 2 but then children died


... as a result of the devastating sanctions regime placed on Iraq. Now by your logic, IRI does not care for its people and would rather see them die. By your own logic, placing the entire Iran under sanctions will kill iranians. But like a good neocon war (airtight sanctions) advocate that Fred is, he likes to hide the truth from his readers. 


Since likes to play it like foxnews and censor posts that are anti-sanctions (while letting through every blog post of Rush-Limbaugh-lite  Fred) I will paste what I have posted in my own blog post here:


Our Invisible War on Iran


Marc Lynch, a highly respected MidEast expert for the Foreign Policy Magazine gives a brief review of a book on Iraq sanctions:

Joy Gordon, Invisible War.
While most Americans have largely forgotten the long decade of U.S. led
sanctions on Iraq, Gordon forces attention back to their long-lasting
effects on the Iraqi state and society. She offers a deeply researched
account of American and United Nations policies towards the sanctions
which captures the contradictions between an overt focus on forcing
Saddam Hussein to surrender his WMD programs and a deeper interest in
maintaining containment ("keeping Saddam in a box") and pushing for
regime change -- contradictions which remain deeply relevant to current
debates about Iran. Gordon tracks the effects of the sanctions on
Iraqis, which drove international outrage as the decade of the 1990s
dragged on but which most of the world now seems eager to forget.
Joy Gordon in the Middle East Channel: "Lessons We Should Have Learned From the Iraqi Sanctions" (July 8, 2010).


I have this book and can't recommend it highly enough to Iranians. Any
advocate of sanctions must read this book in order to understand what us
anti-sanctions advocate go through in trying to dissuade people from
even thinking about such damaging measures.