Meet the new VP of IRI

by Fred

This vedio of the newly appointed First Vice-President whose daughter is married to the President's  son is quite illuminating.  Pre and Post-Rapture condition is also discussed.


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Ali P.

I learned much from him

by Ali P. on

He has recently announced, that "Persian Gulf" has been called by this name for 30 million years!

P.S. majid: LOL...u kill me!



by MKNED on

Faster than bullet,

Faster than SMS,

It is  Superman:-)


They say listen carefully to what people say

by Mehrban on

they may mean it.   He is talking about the coming of Mahdi that he as vice-president will gleefully espouse probably through a nuclear stand off. 


Abstract thinker

by Mehrban on

 I am sure he has a PhD from Cambridge too.


He is too good as a VP.

by MKNED on

He is too good as a VP. We don't understand what he is talking about. If you mentioned the guy next to him does (look how he is looking at), he even wrote "something" down to ask later. I think we need someone to explain this 

بیخود نیست که این پدر عروس احمقی نژاد شده. من می‌تونم تصور کنم که نوه احمقی نژاد چی‌ می‌شه.

از قدیم گفتن، کبوتر با کبوتر باز با باز، کند همجنس با همجنس پرواز. و یا دیوانه چو دیوانه ببیند خوشش آید.

hamsade ghadimi

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم, پِشکِل

hamsade ghadimi

بابام جان، اون مار افعیه که پوست میندازه نه انسان. این انفجار هم که صحبتش هست من را یاد انفجار شادی مجاهدین که اون رجوی لامصب میگفت میندازه. اگر این شوخی‌ بود، میخوان شوخی‌ شوخی‌ مردم رو ترتیب بدن. خدا این مردم ظلم دیده را از دست این جانورها رها کن...

Fouzul Bashi

They didn't let him keep it in the family

by Fouzul Bashi on


Press TV said Mashaie had "resigned three days after his appointment" as first vice president.

The channel had initially sourced its report to the education ministry-funded news agency, Pana.

There was no immediate independent confirmation of Mashaie's resignation.
Mashaie's appointment was strongly opposed by hardliners among Ahmadinejad's own support base.

Mashaie, whose daughter is married to Ahmadinejad's son, is a controversial figure who last year earnt the wrath of hardliners, including supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, for saying Iran is a "friend of the Israeli people."


Darius Kadivar

What is this Mumbo Jumbo ? ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

I didn't understand a single thing in his speach.

My Goodness and to think this guy is the replace the President in case he is killed or dies of natural causes during his term.

Can't say this is any reassurement if there were to be a vaccum of power.

One Illuminated Bastard replaced another Illuminated Moron ...


Jahanshah Rashidian

Dangerous Hallucination

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

This nonsenscial discourse shows that the guy is mentally dysfunctional. His profound distortion seems affected by dangerous hallucination, a loss of normal perception of reality. He sees his task in the state to hasten the reappearence of his Hidden Imam. In a Hojatyeh's sense, it justifies more injustice, more bloodshed, and more destruction inflicted on our people.



by Majid on


با توجه کامل به متن سخنان وزین و متین و استدلالات ایشون حاضرم شرط ببندم که آقای رحیم مشاعی چهل و هشت سالشونه!

از کجا میدونم؟ آخه تو محلّه ما یکنفر هست که بنده خدا همچی بفهمی نفهمی نیمچه کُ * خُله  و بیست و چهار سالشه!


Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Comedy Classic.... :-)

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

Agha Fred, damet garm, kolli khandideem.... :0)

If he is talking about Quantum Physics, I must say:

 ?. تازه دو واحدش رفته به آنجاشان، فکر کنید اگر بیست و هفت واحد شود، چه میشود



Love this guy

by cyclicforward on

The more people see of these illitearate clowns of IRI and the more they hear about Imam Zaman, the more disgusted and fed up they will be and they understand it is either them or the IRI.

I am very optimistic about the ability of people overcoming this disgrace once and for all. It is time to drive to the end of the road and clean up Iran.

Mort Gilani

This clown is a first class idiot!

by Mort Gilani on

Can someone post here if Ahmadi needs to go through an approval procedure for the Vice President role?

Shazde Asdola Mirza

I want some of what he has been smoking ;-)

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Every voice counts! Every action counts!