Messiah Express

by Fred

It is happening again, its protagonists are to be beyond reproach again as well.  After so many failures, the giddiness of foolhardy dream of a poisonous oxymoron concoction actually metastasizing into a fantastic cure-all is forbidding/forsaking the bummer of critical thinking.

Should you like riding dream trains made out of hoax by professional Islamist hucksters with the newest  rehabilitated  Islamist Messiahs as its conductor, you are in luck. Till crashing like all other IMEs, you can board this Islamist Messiah Express anytime you wish.

Pack light, leave your common sense at home, get into herd mentality, do not, repeat, not ask any critical questions about the ICC jurisdictional misdeeds of the Messiah conductors, their on the job track records and alike. Just seat back and enjoy the ride, you hear, enjoy it! Bon voyage.


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you mean Moosiah Express?

by Darveesh on