Michelle Obama, eat your hear out!

by Fred

Those who are amused by the views of the show president of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, are in luck. Lately his wife, the First Lady, has gotten permission from her husband to get out more and just like her Islamist Rapist hubby has an interesting way of looking at things.

The First Lady, Azam-ol Sadat Farahani Ahmadinejad, has delivered a speech at the upstart Conference of Muslim Women Thinkers. Here is some highlight of her speech as reported by the official IRR news organ, IRNA.

"The family, which is the main pillar of every society, has collapsed in the West and they are seeking to extend their problem to the Islamic world by spreading decadent schemes"

There is more,

"Westerners pursue their improper schemes under the name of development and (alleviating) social discrimination"

And the Pièce de résistance, labeling UN as a conduit for promotion of worldwide hanky-panky:

“Westerners exploit the United Nations structure to promote illicit affairs"

Michelle Obama, watch, learn and eat your hear out!   




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