Mickey Mouse sanctions

by Fred

On the heels of New York Times reporting the U.S. Government’s erratic enforcement of its own sanctions policy against IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, at times underwriting its circumvention, a bipartisan group of Congressmen sympathetic to the increasingly dire plight of the enslaved Iranian people have introduced a legislation to remedy the problem.

The Iran Sanctions Enhancement Act, which would amend the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996, would:

1- Require the Government Accountability Office to publish a list of potential ISA violators every month;

2- Require the President to initiate an immediate investigation of ISA violators, based on the information provided by the GAO;  

3- Require the President to complete the investigation within 45 days and notify Congress of entities found in violation of the Act.

The weaponized nuke acquiring, Middle East peace process blocking, Iranian men, woman and children raping, torturing and murdering Islamist Rapists with ambitions far beyond Iran are on a warpath. 

It is time for the sane world to get serious about putting real squeeze, the airtight kind, on IRR.  And at the same time openly and continuously help the Iranian people with moral and material support to overthrow the Islamist menace heading off the devastating war it is intent on imposing on Iran and the region.

The choice is clear, real sanctions now or real war later. No more time for pussyfooting.


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'Secret' Gates-Ahmadinejad

by vildemose on

'Secret' Gates-Ahmadinejad meeting in Kabul?

American Thinker / James Lewis


Secratery of Defence,  Robert Gates, is going on a surprise visit to Afghanistan. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also happens to be going to Kabul, overlapping with the Gates visit. It's possible they will just drive past each other in Kabul. But it seems more likely that they are going to finalize some sort of agreement that's been bubbling up behind the scenes. Possibly the Afghan government, which wants good relations with both Iran and the US, will try to broker an agreement.