A mind is a terrible thing to waste

by Fred

Hardly a week goes by without IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic announcing another marvelous scientific, for the time being all military, achievements.

It is not just in the “indigenous nuclear technology” that the Islamist Rapists are trailblazing; there are a host of other mind-bending successes. For instance there is the fastest radar evading torpedo in the world which can be fired from “radar-proof” warships.  Which of course should not be mistaken with the domestically-produced long-range multiple head surface to surface missile which “hide from radars”.

There are too many other fantastic technological feats like the stealth attack bomber, jet fighter and alike which the interested can always look them up on the net.

But how do them savage Islamist Rapists encourage, support the young minds, develop talents and facilitate their scholastic endeavors to induce so much progress?

Could all the midnight raids on the student dormitories by the rabid Basiji/Revolutionary Guards be the motivating factor?

Is it all because of the long prison terms which hundreds perhaps thousands of students are enjoying or the real probability of being snatched off the streets at any moment and gang raped at IRR rape and torture centers which get the students to achieve so much?

With the best educational system in the world, IRR is the embodiment of the maxim; a mind is a terrible thing to waste.




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by Fred on

SamSam, I hear you. Here is my understanding of your comment:

1- I disregard the bigger picture of damage being done to Iran and Iranians by IRR and only focus on their nuke and its delivery system.

Rest assured that is not the case. My focus on their nuke is because in my opinion that is what will trigger a devastating response by the sane world. After all most of the Islamist murderers of 9/11 were from Arabia owned by Saudi family, but since the threat is not of the kind IRR nuke poses nothing was done to Arabia.

I am of the conviction that if IRR is not overthrown by Iranian people the scenario you mention will be the case, something I as a lifelong student of history only know too well and wish for it to be avoided.

2- I “disregard diplomatic & political sanctions and information flow assistance as irrelevant.” The diplomatic sanction is a feel good do nothing move. It was done after IRR was caught red-handed with the Mykonos murders and the sane world recalled their Ambassadors from Tehran only to be sent back after thing quieted down. As for flow of information, I think there is a misunderstanding, not only I have never been against it, I am very much for it.

SamSam I hear a lot of Kasravi in your tone and what worries you. He is one of my heroes; I reread his works all the times and agree with most of his positions, but not all. I am not too fond of his book burnings, Hafez bashing and few other points that don’t need to get into this comment.  

Lastly, I trust in the collective Iranian consciousness to protect the territorial integrity of Iran and do not buy into all the hype by few mercenaries and lefties with internationalist agenda.   


Fred, you seem to be fixated

by SamSamIIII on



on regime nuclear & ballistic ambitions pretty much exclusively yet not paying enough attention to the bigger picture of greater generational tragedy. As well, you seem to disregard other forms of help for Iranians as immaterial yet regime is on a daily basis brainwashing generations of pupils & children who will grow up to be weapons of mass destructions by millions whose negative effect on future of Iran will be a hundred fold more tragic than a few rusty nuclear bombs. 

How are you going to combat this imminent danger?, thru tight sanctions & ultimately war or asking the outside world to come in with technical know how to fight internet filtering & satelite parasite to let folks have access to impartial news & info?.

My friend,since you disregard diplomatic & political sanctions and information flow assistance as irrelevant, I also had a few questions in regard to your tight sanctions & ultimately forcefull interference approach that I meant to ask you, feel free to elaborate;

1-Imagine miraculously thru sanctions & ultimately foreign occupation regime ceases & falls to pieces in a matter of weeks. Forget about human suffering or loss of life, my question to you is that where is the sense of national achievment in this ?,where is the sense of national pride in this foreign based achievment?. They say "easy come easy go" so I ask; since this liberation was done for us without any learning process or lessons learned then how do you guarantee that folks dont make the same mistakes with another group of ideologues in a few yrs?.

At best with this scenario Iran will be remembered as another banana republic like Iraq who was liberated by foreign forces, is that what we want the legacy of modern Iran be for our children?. Isn,t that the same Ommatie solutions & psyche we have practiced for the last 1400 yrs? Turks to remove Arabs for us, Mongols to remove Turks for us, Turkomen to remove Afghans for us, Russian to remove British for us, British to remove Ghajar for us etc?.

2- Keeping in mind that the glue of patriotic unity is diluted by regime 30 yr old propaganda, I ask you ;

 In the aftermath of such chaotic scenario who will protect the Iranian land integrity in absence of a defeated & disarmed army when Baluch,Turkish,Arab, Turkomen etc separatists rise up to break away?. American British &Russians generals ? Arab troops in coalition? Turkish troops?, who?. Or will it be an Iran divided by 4 or 5 different autonomous regions each run by an ideologue warlord and many no fly zones similar to Banana republic Eye-raq ?.

There are more Qs but lets keep it simple for now.

Cheers & kind regards!!! 

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia