Momeni show


by Fred

Timing is everything; it can make or break a joke, an investment or whatever. Timing is essential when it comes to dealing with people. Take for example the show trial the IRR, Islamist Rapist republic, had today, the fifth in the series of such shows born of the massive demonstrations against the rigging of the “election”.

Just like the previous episodes which timing necessitated when it comes to questioning IRR’s right to rule by fiat to quickly showcasing its determination to punish friend and foe alike, in this episode timing is everything as well.

Although the previous episodes of the show had that distinct hurried scenario with too many obvious absurdities not written out, episode after episode this problem has been somewhat rectified making the show almost bearable and not as repugnant as before.

 Of course the interest in the shows could also be attributed to curiosity into witnessing just after the whole world saw on YouTube the Islamist cutthroat rapist committing cold blooded murders, how it will explain them away and blame it on others.

In the previous four episodes the blame was pinned on foreign instigators who had the wherewithal to organize millions and fool them all to oppose the beloved IRR rule. Foreign governments, dead and alive Western thinkers, some having passed away even before the old geezer Khomeini was born, 300,000 strong Iranian mercenaries and millions of gullible Iranian dunces were shown to be the guilty party.

In this latest episode just in time for the opening of schools and universities the spotlight was on the student leader Abdullah Momeni who has been enjoying the IRR's hospitality  treatment for some months now.  

In an interview with the Persian service of the VOA, Momeni’s nine year old son who as is the case with most his peers in the lovely IRR ruled Iran instead of being preoccupied with kid stuff has had to grow up fast spoke about the last time he was allowed to visit his father in the notorious Evin prison. Little Momeni said his father looked much thinner, which is probably due to the world famous Evin diet, gaunt and constantly crying.

 The timing of the fifth show trial and Momeni’s début just before schools opening has a loud message for all those millions of students to behave or they too can be the next Momeni. Timing is everything.



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