Muhammad, a Haji for all season

by Fred

Now that the forces allied with the Head Rapist Khamenei have eliminated all their rivals in the internecine gang war among the two main factions of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, time is at hand to recognize a stellar performance by a Haji for all season.

While having spent majority of his political life in the opposing Islamist Rapist faction, the award winning all season Haji has succeeded to please the rival winning Islamist faction.

At one point the Haji had millions of followers who were hanging on his every word, would not allow an inquisitive approach, let alone unkind, remark about their beloved Haji’s utterances go unpunished.

Despite having sacrificed his right-hand man along with countless other believers to the cause of “reforming” the unreformable, the discoverer of de Tocqueville, the purveyor of the ultimate oxymoron religious democracy, the ever grinning track-record-be- damned Dialogue Among Civilizations selling Teflon Haji Muhammad Khatami has come out of the Islamist gang war unscathed.

Unfortunately that cannot be said about his former Islamist allies and too many of his followers.  Many of whom gave their lives while many others are rotting in IRR’s prison archipelagoes and still countless others have had to flee Iran leaving behind loved ones along with shattered dreams for a freed Iran.

However, Haji for all season is still smiling, after all, he who laughs last, laughs longest.  


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