Multiple IDs on

by Fred

Ever since has required those who wish to leave a comment to register, with their real identity or a pseudonym, the multiple ID usage has become even more prominent.

No, this short write-up is not about those who try to buttress their own opinion though leaving supportive comments under different IDs.

And it is not about a half dozen or so such peculiarities that have been brought up by other bloggers.

This is about those individuals who at the instance of their ID being blocked for violating the site’s stated rules, come right back up with a new ID which has been registered long time ago.

In another words, there is a premeditated intent on their part to break the site’s rules knowing full well all it costs is to “burn” another previously registered persona.

Although the similarity between this practice and that of the security and judicial authorities in Iran who use multiple IDs is inescapable, it also speaks of a mindset that it is acceptable to plan ahead for breaking established rules of conduct in a civilized society.

For the sake of Iran & Iranians, this type of mindset which its holders at times boast about it as zerangi, needs to be scrutinized and publicly discussed.


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

What is democracy

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I have read stuff here for years. A lot of people think democracy is when people agree with "them". Marxists to Monarchists all claim to love democracy but if the votes go the wrong way they get mad.

This is not just among Iranians. As the 2000 elections showed Americans do the same. So we might as well not get so hung up on it. No it will it bring peace. No it won't solve our problems although it may improve it over now.


Professor Ala jan you vindicated the Shah my dear so nicely!

by anglophile on


"Many IC members are not ready for democracy… they think by talking about it or posting articles about it there will be “democracy.”   Many years from now, today’s comments should reflect our future destiny."-  Professor Ala



Thank you Emeritus Professor Ala for saying the same thing that the Shah said some forty years ago with a difference that he was talking about a nation of 30 million who had no idea what democracy was and you are talking about a community of 30 odd individuals who have been living in the western democracies for more than three decades. How come he was wrong (according to you sir) but you are right?


btw - Fariba Khanum is the last person to talk about civility -  you haven't seen her uncivil side yet :))


Iranians might "deserve" dictators, but not lectures from Profs

by AMIR1973 on

about "civility" and "bogus names" (the same ones who defend ILoveIran, the multiple user ID character who liked phrases like "f*cking kikes", etc). Especially not the ones who reside in the West and propagandize on behalf of the murderers, rapists, and thieves of the Islamist terrorist regime.

G. Rahmanian

As dumb as they come!

by G. Rahmanian on

Yeah, right! Iranians "deserve dictatorships." That is exactly why Fariba Amini's Dad helped the Mullahs establish the authoritarian regime in Iran.

Such statements could not have come frome better sources!

Mohammad Ala

After so many years passed... nothing has changed on IC

by Mohammad Ala on

by fariba amini on Fri Nov 02, 2007 06:00 PM PDT  “. . .  Maybe we do deserve dictatorships and maybe the pages of should not be open to Iranians because we still lack civility towards one another.”

To Fariba Amini: after so many years passed nothing has changed on

Many IC members are not ready for democracy… they think by talking about it or posting articles about it there will be “democracy.”   Many years from now, today’s comments should reflect our future destiny.

Oon Yaroo

Those were the good old days when you didn't have to register

by Oon Yaroo on

G. Rahmanian

If IR supporters and apologists knew!

by G. Rahmanian on

If IR supporters and apologists knew what the terms "profanity," "insult" or "name-calling" meant they would not defend IR; the biggest insult to Iran and Iranians.


Serious, Very Serious!

by Demo on

The one & the only 'true face' & not the 1000 'ID's' is what separates one from another! And the strings of 'I's' attached to a claimant could never ever hide what the 2 'Eyes' on his/her face reflects! Unless the claimant is 'blind' like many here on IC!

PS: This commentator has always been 'Tavana' in Farsi or 'Capable' in English to read between the others' lines with a high degree of accuracy to learn what they are all about! Exhausted much with the ever increasing 'ignorance' overflows here on IC, however, & wishing to be blocked every single day! Seriously! Very Seriously!

G. Rahmanian

AO Jaan:

by G. Rahmanian on

Guess why they include MG(Mash Ghasem) on their lists!

G. Rahmanian

Funny! Very Funny!

by G. Rahmanian on

Profanities? Insults? Name-calling?

I don't believe any of the IR mercenaries, supporters or apologists have the slightest idea what the above terms mean?


The funny cheerleader

by Fred on


The cheerleader for the pro-Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) individuals & lobbies is hilariously funny.

Keep on trucking!




How about LOL for an ID?

by anglophile on

I fully agree with AO :0)

Mohammad Ala

The issue of rules . . .

by Mohammad Ala on

AO jan, thanks for your explanation.  I have meant not to reply to you several times, because you get too emotional easily . . . you throw everything at/and accuse members.

I really do not have interest to dig what Fesenjoon said, he must have said something that he was banned!!  Also, he did not like members questioning him recently… just do a search of his name, you would see it... you are good at this!! LOL.

The issue of “rules” must apply equally to all members.  Lately, accusations have been rampant and if one does not use profanity against you know what, then he or she becomes a supporter which is a sick logic.

Sorry about LOL.  I vaguely remember your blog about it that you did not like to use it. 



re Comraids Concubine

by Truthseeker9 on

maybe he has a penchant for chubby ladies .... ;)


Anonymous Observer

Easy with the "LOLs" there Professor...

by Anonymous Observer on

Before you go nuts accusing people of things and hiring lawyers to sue, let us look at some facts here.  Why do you keep complaining about Tiger Lily?  She was on IC with 4 different usernames.  At one point, she was using three at the same time, Tiger Lily, Dirty Angel and Caspian Mermaid.  She got blocked with one, and from what I noticed, kept coming back with profanities using the others until she all 4 usernames got blocked.  Her fourth username was Comraids Concubine.  Disenchanted is back.  S/he actually had never left.  S/he is just using one of his/her "reserve" usernames.  Pendar Neek was blocked, but he's right back on this and other threads under "Republican."  He has several other usernames as well, and has a blog featured today.  "Demo" used to be Tavana (which was blocked, but s/he had "Demo" as reserve) and may have other usernames.

Wahid Azal has been blocked probably more than ten times, but keeps coming back and his blogs even get featured.  His last incarnation was Shahab Ferdowsi and possibly your BFF "I Love Iran," who is also back as "ShirOJan."  So what in the world are you complaining about?!!!  If Tiger Lily is not back, it's probably because she doesn't want to.  I personally think she's back under a different username.  

And when and where has Fesenjoon attacked anyone?  Please cite examples and provide links.  Disagreeing with someone and expressing an opinion is not attacking anyone--unless you go by IR standards, where a difference an opinion can make you "Mohareb" and subject to the death penalty.  

If you cannot provide example of Fesenjoon attacking anyone, kindly refrain from personal attacks, which are against the site's rules.   

PS - you get no extra points, and are not entitled to any special treatment because you use your real name.  No one asked you to do it.  You chose to do so yourself.  If you wish, you can delete your account and return under an anonymous ID.  Or even keep this one and sign up under an anonymous one (assuming you're not doing so already).  Really, no one cares. 


Seamless multiple IDs: Comrade/Pendar/Jomhurikhah

by AMIR1973 on

I suppose it mirrors the seamless way West-residing IRI Groupies can vomit up the IRI's trash propaganda while enjoying the many freedoms of living in the Evil West.


god forbid. there are no iri supporters here.

by mousa67 on

what is this talk of iri supporters? we are all refugees from oppression of nazi germany or iri or hamas or such. it is just that some of us do not do that well in our new country. get homesick and start making silly noises. forget about getting arrested on terrorist charges and sent back to gaza strip facing those nasty idf reservists with little patience or time for political correctness. as my uncle shmuel would say:

"never mind the nukes and jews haji. wallmarts sales started today. hdtv to watch press tv going under $400"


Fred, keep it up

by Cost-of-Progress on

The desparate tactics of the cyber-reps of the alliance of reesh-o pash knows no limits.  As I've said before, with "Iranians" like the ones beating their chest for this regime, who needs external enemies?


In Search of IRI Supporters!

by Demo on

The accusers of suh better come up with some proof (and not only empty hoof & poof) when making such claims. Are not the accusers using the same exact technique as IRI itself calling all its opponents not more than 3-4 people worldwide carrying different ID's at different times? Baba, Ayval!

Mohammad Ala

Bogus members WHAT gives....????

by Mohammad Ala on

The blogger does not need introduction for his views and receiving favoritism on IC for his two blogs (rain or shine).  What gives?  Or what does he give? Haha!!! LOL.

The blogger mentioned “rules” four times, any link to those rules?  AND why are they being used selectively?  Several IC members have kept personalizing issues and attacking “real” people and getting away with their sinister actions, double standard?!  What gives?

Using a pseudo name should be OKAY.  BUT those who use bogus names (IDs) to attack others especially known people have been “Scot-free.”  What gives?

Those who use bogus names dig as much information on “real” members as possible while hiding theirs, and when they were questioned such as “Fesenjoon”, he asked to be left alone.  Haha... LOL very funny to be left alone while attacking known people viciously. Why Fesenjoon was let back in while others have not?  Why?  Why TigerLilly, Disenchanted, Jahan Khalili, and five to six others were banned?  Double standard?  

One of these days, IC will be or should be taken to court for permitting liable charges and accusations towards others especially known people by bogus members.

Anonymous Observer

Good point Fred

by Anonymous Observer on

You know, I always wondered why we have so many Palestine / Israel obsessed Iranians on IC.  It was completely outside of the statistical range of what I would see in the general Iranian community.  Now I realize the reason why. I bet you it's not more than 3-4 people, each with eight different usernames, trying to pad their numbers and make it appear as if the entire Iranian nation is sitting at home day in and day out waiting to see what happens in Gaza and when Israel is going to fall apart.

Even the ones who have all of their usernames blocked and sign up again are beginning to sign up under a whole bunch of usernames at the same time, just so that they can have "second strike" capability if one of their usernames gets blocked.  Example is that Bahai hating guy whose name I will not mention.

Lastly, it shows the general dishonesty of the IR supporting crowd.  And these are the guys who scream day in and day out that we should take IR's word when it says it's not pursuing nuclear weapons.  Right...

Good blog. 


So Republican....

by Reality-Bites on

Who were you previously?

Republican جمهوریخواه

داستان چوب و گربه دزده

Republican جمهوریخواه

I'm under no false impression that I'm the subject of your blog.......I'm only a worthless" Paa Manghali"....I'm nobody.........

But I remind you of this: there are no such rules...............this issue has been discussed before.......way before Iran's legal nukie saga and your glorious appearance........and if my memory serves me right it was in the middle of a heated exchange between yours truly and one good friend who, in my opinion, suffers from a sever form of Pahlavititis.................I do remember, however, that JJ jumped in and said, and I'm paraphrasing him, that people are allowed to have as many email addresses as they wish and with the same token they are allowed to have as many IDs...............

It certainly doesn't mean that he advocated having more than one ID.........

By the way what's wrong with hearing the opposite side? Nothing wrong with listening to what our mutual friend Gunter calls "What Must Be Said"



Duplicity on Iranian.Com!

by Demo on

What really needs to be discussed & to be well aware of is the wolf-like nature of the beholder with a sassy sheep outfit! Mirror please!