Mums the word

by Fred

Ever since last year’s fiasco of “presidential election” in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, the losing Islamist faction has taken to criticizing whatever their former Islamist comrades are doing.

To date this statement is true except in one regard. When it comes to the practice of amputating healthy limbs or gouging eyes out as punishment, for the supposedly newly semi-civilized Islamist "reformers" mums the word.

Case in point is the recent mass amputation of hands of five victims carried out in the central prison of Hamedan province.

To date and my knowledge none of the Islamist “reformist” leaders have publicly condemned this particular act and other similar enshrined acts of Islamist barbarism.

Is their absolute silence in face of this monstrous Islamist crime the case of silence is acquiescence?

What are the tangible differences between the new improved Islamist Rapist “reformers” and their rivals who got the upper hand in the grab for the power and loot?


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Theocrocy, and reform

by comrade on

A theocracy, I think, can be reformed; but it can't move forward. It can only build another layer on top of its original foundation. For me a "reform" is only a compromise in a desperate situation. It's an anti-revolution trickery. This should be obvious to us too! 


Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Fredsy, I don't get it

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

Too obvious to me that a theocracy cannot be "reformed"....