My inalienable rights

by Fred

As painful as it has been for most of those who had no choice but to flee Iran, there have been some benefits derived from this ongoing agony of physically living in one place and emotionally in another.

Because majority of fleeing Iranians have taken refuge in free countries they have gotten to experience firsthand that which has long been identified as the missing ingredient for a prosperous Iran, freedom. Countless Iranian advocates of it been tortured, many to death, many others have dedicated their lives to achieving it.

And now with many Iranians living in freedom and like a duck to water, loving it, prospering because of it and many more back in Iran craving it and are willing to risk life and limb to achieve it the idea of using freedom to silence others is doubly repugnant.

With great regrets there are some Iranians who use the freedom in the free societies and try to silence those compatriots that they do not agree with. When one publicly expresses an opinion, being attacked, ridiculed and even cursed are just some of the normal responses, something that comes with the territory, but advocating silencing someone for expressing his/her opinion is contrary to all that which freedom stands for.

As someone who dishes it out as well as takes it, the verbal jousting is as normal as it comes but when it comes to asking for my opinion being quashed, then something is seriously wrong and needs to be confronted. In my recent blogs and particularly the last one where airtight sanctions against the Islamist Rapist Republic in conjunction with material and moral help to Iranian people is being argued to be lesser evil than a hot war to oust the IRR, couple of people have directly and indirectly challenged my right to free speech, and that will not do!


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Complaining about your own medicine?

by Mammad on

As Bill Clinton used to say, "I feel your pain!"

You, more than anyone else in this site - at least over the period of time that I have visited this site - have labeled people with all sorts of names, mocked them, made baseless accusations against them, given them totally disrespectful names, etc. etc. etc.

If anyone knows this, it is me. More than anyone else in this site, I have been the target of your totally uncivilized, one-sided, disrespectful vicious attacks. And, now, your are complaining that you are getting your own medicine?

Just to give everybody an example of Fred's behavior and double standards to chew on: For a long time, he tried to obtain as much information about me - a public person! - as possible. He bragged that he knew everything about me. But when I told him and gave him clear indications that I too have learned who he is, he panicked, he accused me of issuing fatwa against him (the most ridiculous thing to say), etc., etc., etc.

Another example: He has referred to Q as the "old wedding photographer." Implication: Fred knows what Q does, and he mocks him for it, as if if someone is a photographer of any type, he has no right to express his opinion!

Let us see whether Fred can contain himself and respond by calling me Mammad or "Islamist liar," or, "haji," or "Dr. strangelove," or "nuke lover," or "megalomeniac," or anyone of the other names he has given me over the past year or so (the list is absolutely long!) so often!

Despite my disgust with your behavior, I absolutely agree that you have rights, that you should express your opinion, and that you should not be afraid of doing so. Do so with respect though.



It's up to these people to represent Iranian's

by timothyfloyd on

Fred Right now if they really care about about Iran,it's very important they show the rest of the free world in which they live,there is a difference between the leadership of Iran and Iranian's.But in order to do so,they have to actually BE different.It's very upsetting,I had great hope before during the protests but many here are just physically free,not mentally from the I.R.I.



by Fred on

I do agree with the general tenet of your view, which would be nothing new about my positin toward most your previously expressed views, but in this instance with a caveat.

I will not name names but there are ample number of contributers who eventually and beyond a shadow of a doubt came out and showed that they were incognito Islamist Rapist Republicans. Now if the suggestion is not to point out the persistent commonality of positions of certain contributor(s) with those of IRR, then I do not agree. But if the suggestion is to keep it as civilized as possible, we are on the same wavelength.

 Of course this back and forth debating thing is foreign to our culture and is very much an import like many other aspects of modernity. So if the inventors of the art of debating use jabs, colorful language and alike I for one don’t see anything wrong with copying them. Just take a look at any political debate in any free society and you will see in comparison to them is pasteurized. 

 “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”, my gripe in this blog was about those using freedom to ask for censorship.

Lastly I understand that this site is fortunate to be jack of all trades, music, photography, travelogue, poetry, prose and the rest are in my opinion one of the primary reasons for its popularity, but this fact is no barrier to copycatting lively colorful political debates that Greeks invented and most free societies practice.    

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

The Iranian community worldwide is a colorful mosaic of different thoughts, sentiments, and aspirations. The only common thread weaving through this colorful mosaic is our love for Iran. It is every Iranian's inalienable right to speak his or her mind without fear of persecution. This, in fact, is a basic human right for every person who lives on this planet.

Inside Iran, unfortunately, there is no freedom of speech for Iranians. Recent events are a particularly powerful testament to this travesty.

Outside Iran, we have other options. On a site like, where thousands of Iranians come to read and write and hear and talk about many different issues, there should be and to the best of my knowledge there are no barriers to free expression. People who use this medium to attack others are simply abusing this valuable forum.

Whatever our opinions, we should not have to put up with name calling and labeling. People sometimes miss the point that if people outside Iran, much like people inside Iran, are attacked and forced into silence, there will be some essential tiles missing from that colorful mosaic. Forcing people into silence will render the mosaic monotonic and devoid of life and color. A monotonous mosaic is not only boring, it is the farthest thing from the truth about Iranians as a worldwide population.

I think if each and every one of us takes responsibility for making sure that our critical contributions are respectful and devoid of labels and name calling, we can help to improve this popular medium, paving the way for a day when Iranians of all persuasion and orientation can live together in a democratic Iran.

Everybody should be respectful to others. Everybody should be vigilant about abusive comments to help improve language and content on this site. We should all remember that if we can't do it here, we will never be able to do it in Iran. That poses a very sad prospect, doesn't it?


The reluctant reader

by Fred on

The reluctant reader says:

1-“You ought to know that character assignation (accusing others of IRI agent) is no different then trying to taking ones right of free speech, hence 'what goes around comes around'”

2-“I do recall a many posts by you accusing any one of an IRI agent who dares say any thing about the criminal nature of the Israeli government”

3-“ Your steadfast defense of Zionist has earned you an AIPAC supporter, so you have yourself to thank for.”

Last quoted statement first; you are cordially invited to prove your statement by corroborative quotes.  


As to the first statement, the logic is lacking, one can accuse and at the same time respect the right of the target to free speech, also that little thingy about “accusing others of IRI agent” needs to be corroborated by direct quotes to be believable, lacking that it is just made up.  



 As to the second quoted statement, knowing whatever one has ever said on this site is available and kept for posterity, you are again invited to cite specific quotation where I, Fred, have according to you “I do recall a many posts by you accusing any one of an IRI agent who dares say any thing about the criminal nature of the Israeligovernment” Barring you coming up with direct citation I am afraid this is yet another figment of your imagination.

 Never ever put yourself in such awkward position as you did here and also did few days ago. When you claim a written position by anyone on this site, and everything is in written format, be prepared beforehand to cite it.

So once again it is show and tell time, no interpretative assumptions, just direct quotes from your truly will do. Bonne chance!

  BTW for some one who does not “condone any attack” you do a sloppy imitation of it.  


A couple of expressions comes to mind:

by Bavafa on

What goes around, comes around' and a 'wolf in a sheep's clothing'

Having said this, I do not Condon any attack even for a die-hard Zionist (not sure if you are one, nor accusing you of one). But I do recall a many posts by you accusing any one of an IRI agent who dares say any thing about the criminal nature of the Israeli government, this is even if they have condemn IRI in the same posting. Your steadfast defense of Zionist has earned you an AIPAC supporter, so you have yourself to thank for. You ought to know that character assignation (accusing others of IRI agent) is no different then trying to taking ones right of free speech, hence 'what goes around comes around'



Make up your mind!

by Fred on

A commenter who is against calling living in America, as living in freedom, seems to have missed the point of this blog by a nautical mile.

The same astute commenter has previously called me a donkey, dog and here chicken Fred and this time a dumb donkey. As no creature can lay eggs, fetch the morning paper and carry heavy loads would it be too much to ask the menagerie minded commenter to make up his mind? Is it going to be a dog, chicken, dumd/smart dunkey?


Fred, you should keep expressing your opinions no matter what.

by Ostaad on

How else would the readers get to know the views of those who want to stab the Iranian people in the back by pushing sanctions and other economic poison pills down their throats?

Believe me, what you're doing is "educational".

Darius Kadivar

Keep Up the Good Work Fred ! ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Know that your feedbacks and Bold Stance is appreciated by many and not just me.

Being comfortably neutral today after all our country and countrymen have gone through in the past few months not to say years is the Last Refuge of the Coward.

And You ain't No Coward ! ;0)



Irani Boodan By Fereydoun Farrokhzad:


My Opinion too.

Take Care and DOWN WITH THE IRR !