My inalienable rights

by Fred

As painful as it has been for most of those who had no choice but to flee Iran, there have been some benefits derived from this ongoing agony of physically living in one place and emotionally in another.

Because majority of fleeing Iranians have taken refuge in free countries they have gotten to experience firsthand that which has long been identified as the missing ingredient for a prosperous Iran, freedom. Countless Iranian advocates of it been tortured, many to death, many others have dedicated their lives to achieving it.

And now with many Iranians living in freedom and like a duck to water, loving it, prospering because of it and many more back in Iran craving it and are willing to risk life and limb to achieve it the idea of using freedom to silence others is doubly repugnant.

With great regrets there are some Iranians who use the freedom in the free societies and try to silence those compatriots that they do not agree with. When one publicly expresses an opinion, being attacked, ridiculed and even cursed are just some of the normal responses, something that comes with the territory, but advocating silencing someone for expressing his/her opinion is contrary to all that which freedom stands for.

As someone who dishes it out as well as takes it, the verbal jousting is as normal as it comes but when it comes to asking for my opinion being quashed, then something is seriously wrong and needs to be confronted. In my recent blogs and particularly the last one where airtight sanctions against the Islamist Rapist Republic in conjunction with material and moral help to Iranian people is being argued to be lesser evil than a hot war to oust the IRR, couple of people have directly and indirectly challenged my right to free speech, and that will not do!


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Jamshid, how much longer do you want to play the "radical"?

by kharmagas on

Jamshid, Many years ago (1981+) I had a fraction of your hatred and disgust for IRI, and I believed in its removal, and to that end I did my best (inside Iran) to remove it, I followed through and failed and left.

Your views are similar to mine when I was young, so why haven't you organized your 100 dedicated men yet, who would in turn organize the masses and remove IRI? Past several months have provided a golden opportunity for that. What are you waiting for if you truly belive in that. How much longer do you want to play the "radical", ridiculing likes of Mammad?

BTW Jamshid, I have been reading many of your comments for past several years, where did you get the idea to talk to Mammad in such a condescending manner?  He is too humble to say anything but some of us are not (including "yours truly" former a7).




Re: Q

by jamshid on

"dishonest propagandists, only interested in character assassination however, make excuses and continue spinning their lies like deluded children thinking their audience is too stupid to notice."

Q, the above is the very definition of the regime you support, the dishonet propagandist being the regime and the audience being the Iranian people.

But now let's pause and talk a little about your statement, "... thinking their audience is too stupid to notice".

Do you think the audience in this blog is "too stupid to notice" that you are dodging answering the important questions I've been asking you, by writing instead a bunch of non-sense on the technicalities of the word "old" meaning?

Also let's talk about, in your own words, "shameless lies":


by Q on

The truth is, you (jamshid) are not mentally stable enough to admit how wrong you were when you advocated for foreign intervention..."


My reply to you: by jamshid on

I AM DIRECTLY CHALLENGING YOU IN PUBLIC TO SHOW evidence that I ever advocated foreign intervention. Your slandering should be punishable, but unfortunately, this is cyberspace and not much can be done.


Your rely: by Q on
You (jamshid) have repeatedly attacked anyone who was against War and Sanctions and have de-facto justified both war and sanctions. When I have the time, I will dig out the evidence as well, don't worry about that.


"have de-facto justified war and sanctions..."

"I will dig out the evidence as well, don't worry about that."

The above statements are not to be taken lightly. The IRI has send many political prisoners to their execution despite lack of evidence and merely because the victim "had de-facto justified" some sort of a crime.

I have ciriticized many regime supporters but not for their views on war or sanctions. I criticized them for supporting the regime. These are two different things. But you, Q, are too habituated with IRI mentality. That is to say, you are no different than the mollah judge who find his victim guilty using "de-facto" justification. The only difference is that in cyberspace, you do not have the "privilege" of sending someone to his grave.

Sheikh Khalkhali was once questioned about his haste to execute his victims while having very little evidence to prove their guilt. His reply: Don't worry, we'll dig out the evidence later.

The similarity between your views, even your wordings, is scary, isn't it Q?


Jamshid, what do you know about honesty?

by Q on

The point (you purposefully missed) was if the claim was made at all. Any discussion about it being offensive is a seperate matter that you are now dishonestly changing the subject to. Is it me or do character assassins love to stick together?

Those who understand honesty and have even the slightest level of integrity, would have no problem admitting that

"old" and "aged"

are synonyms. But Fred's over-inflated ego, combined with his completely washed brain, makes this simple admission impossible. This was just the latest shameless lie that Fred has graced us with.

dishonest propagandists, only interested in character assassination however, make excuses and continue spinning their lies like deluded children thinking their audience is too stupid to notice.


Q and Mammad

by jamshid on

Q: "old wedding photographer". What's so horrible about these terms? Aren't you an older photographer? 


Although your recent turn around and support of the plight of the people of Iran is appreciated, the question I have is why did you have to wait so long? Why only after the so called reformists became the target of the IRI's rape and murder?

Mind you, the "exact" same kind of rape and murder that was going on before the June events, although not against the reformists, but nevertheless against many non-reformist Iranians who opposed the IRI.

I also have one advice for you. Unless your new image is a pretense (I don't think it is), you should stop romancing this Q character. Just ask him the following questions:

1. Do you believe that the position of "velayate faghih" should be abolished? Yes or No?

2. Do you believe that corrupt, undemocratic and mollah infested Guardian council and assembly of experts should be abolished? Yes or No?

3. Did you laugh at and belittle those who were voicing the crimes IRI was committing against the people of Iran before the June events? Yes or No? Didn't you call them mere "fantasies" and didn't you ask for hard "evidence"? Yes or No?

4. In light of post-June events, do you now agree that the same acts of rapes, murders and imprisonments recently committed by the IRI were also being committed before the June events? Yes or No?

5. Before June, didn't you preach that the IRI is a democatic form of government? Yes or No?

6. In light of recent events, do you still believe that the IRI is a "democratic" form of government? Yes or No?

Q's public dishonesty does not allow him to answer any of these questions, as I have repeatedly asked him these same questions in the past, and each time, he dodges answering them.

I wonder why?


Haji pekh pekhoo

by Fred on

You can repeat your Islamist nonsense ad nauseam but your own crux statement will remain the albatross around your neck.

Nuke lobbying for the Islamist Rapists has its disadvantages Haji pekh pekhoo!


You have lost it completely, Freddo!

by Mammad on

Everyone saw how you lied here to Q and Ala, and everyone knows how you lie impulsively and compulsively! Instead of at least apologizing for your lie about Q, not to him (I am sure to him it would be worthless), but to the rest of the people who read this, you act as if nothing has happened.

After lecturing the people about being civilized to each other, you came down with your typical senseless, meaningless, nonsense, as soon as you were pressed a bit!! But, you still pretend that you are not looking for the mouse hole!!!

The most amazing thing about you is that your atomic-size brain, which is not capable of learning absolutely anything even at the atomic scale, never stops espousing the culture of hatred here!!

That is more than enough to show the gutless wonder coward that you are!

Stay tuned! You will get more of your own medicine!!



Haji nuke

by Fred on

 "pekh" or no "pekh" for a self described “world renowned scientist” you are going about your Islamist demagoguery very haphazardly.  Try to reconcile what you say in public lobbying about your Islamist rapist brethren’s nuke program as being fully peaceful and your momentary truth telling in your crux statement that it is not. The rest are just kashk,  Haji pekh pekhoo!


Oh! you are still losing it!

by Mammad on

which is not surprising. I have not even said "pekh" yet, but you are already looking for the mouse hole by hiding behind your nonsense and mumbo jumbo!!



timothyfloyd, Iran does not have an "anti Jewish image"...

by Ostaad on

instead Iran's rightful image is an Anti-Zionist image supported and admired by millions! The fringe "Christian Zionists" cult members, you seem to be one of them, have got that point extremely wrong.

How could Iran have an "anti Jewish image" when Iran has been the homeland of thousands of Jews for millennia?!!! What other country in the ME has as many Jews whit the right to elect their representatives to the Majles? When was the last time that you heard any Jewish cemetery or synagogues, of which there are several in Tehran and other cities, desecrated as opposed to the same kind of occurrences in the "civilized" West?!

Many Iranians, including myself, are ardent anti-Zionists, to the chagrin of fringe Christian-Zionist extremists like you, and we are proud of it. The same way that some descent Christians are proud of fighting Nazism and Fascism.

I hope so-called Christians like you would find their conscience one day and join us in opposing Zionism and crimes committed by its adherents. Until then you belong to the dark side, homie.


Haji nuke

by Fred on

Islamist liar in your dream your Islamist “pekh” will have any Iranian running.

As to your Islamist cohorts, if you weren’t such an Islamist liar you would have seen the difference in the quotes, but being an Islamist which by nature is a liar, you are incapable of such.

The same goes with your Islamist nuke lobbying, saying it is for peaceful intent and in the only moment of truth telling saying:

“The crux of the issue about Iran's nuclear program is, in my opinion, as follows: If Iran has the ability to make the bomb on a short notice, it becomes unattackable. That is not something that the US and Israel can tolerate. They want to be the hegemone of the Middle East."

Boro Haji!  


Freddo, Freddo, you are losing it again!

by Mammad on

You are losing your nerves again, dear!! You have begun "responding" with a madening mix of unrelated things, jumping from one to another, without any link, any meaning, etc.

If you have nothing to say in response, just stop "responding!" When you open your mouth to "respond" and do so this way, you leave no doubt about your imbecility!!!

Who gives a hoot to whether you believe me or not? Every day when I wake up in the morning, I have a list of priorities. You are never there in the list, nor is "convincing" you!! Even if the size of your brain was that of a normal human being, I would not care about what you think, let alone now that it is of atomic size!

I never complain about the way you "respond" to me, because I do not give a hoot to what you think. As I have told you too many times, I do not look over my shoulder because of you!!!!

But, I decided a while ago to treat you with your own medicine. That is what you are getting. It is fun. You get defensive so easily. As I said a while ago, as soon as I say "pekh" you want to buy a mouse hole for millions!

You are the worst liar of any kind. In "responses" to just one blog since yesterday you have lied many times. First, you denied that you called Q an old wedding phtographer. Then, when Q came back and showed how you lie, you resorted to form and called him once again the same thing WITH STRAIGHT FACE!! It is as if your lie has not been revealed. As I said, you are either blind, or you have problems reading anything other than the AIPAC-fed stuff.

You did the same to Ala.

You have done that to me so many times that it would make the list as long as the green list hung from the Brooklyn bridge last month against Ahmadinejad!!

You have done that to so many other people. You have no shame in lying.

It is also a standard practice of yours to change the subject, when you have nothing to say, to things that have nothing to do with the subject of any blog. What does Dr. Ali Shariati have to do with your whining about "respect?" What does "the crux of the issue" have to do with your nonsense blog?

They all have one common thread, of course: You have no shame in shamelessly connecting them in your mumbo jumbo, which is called "sharp" by one of your own type!!!! I guess he has not read anything sharp yet!



Fred - keep voicing your opinion

by Cost-of-Progress on

Do not be discouraged by the wave of posts (probably by one or two posters with multiple user names) here defending the Islamic Repressive regime by pretending to care about the Iranian people.

These are the very traitors who supported bringing a damn mullah back to Iran from Paris 30 years ago and unleashed a shit storm on the very people they now claim to care about.



Good choice

by Fred on

I see you’ve made up your mind & settled on “Chicken Fred”, good choice.


Why has no

by Javadagha on

Why has no problem to give space to Chicken Fred to post his non-sense on a daily basis calling others lier, rapists, terrorists, etc.? 

Fred, look at your posts, you need to be ashamed yourself. Stop crying for the sake of AIPAC.




with all due respect to your right to be opinionated, challanging your opinion is not the same as challanging your right to free speech. Anyone who spews out nonsense needs to have their nonsense challanged.


I havet been reading your posts as much as some here but it sound like you are one of those desparate exiled iranians who are literally drying to get back to Iran regardless of the consequences. 

There are two types of elder Iranian exiles today:

1. knowing fully well that they might not go back to Iran within their lifetime, they are selfless iranians who do not advocate war or "airtight" sanctions (which is basically a slow painful version of war). They support the people of Iran, they support the movement inside but they do not get ahead of the movement.


2. Knowing fully well that they might not go back to Iran within their lifetime, they selfishly try to advocate either war or airtight sanctions (or both) hoping that this "quick fix" will get rid of thie regime just so they can finally go back and live the rest of their short lives there.This is called not listening/caring for what Iranians inside have to say, not caring for what the youth inside have to say and getting ahead of their movement. Your time and mine are long gone, we must now support the youth and not crush them with our selfish desires.

I dont blame group 2 for wanting a quick fix because as an exile I know how painful it feels like to be away, however I will challange every iranians emotionally driven logic anywhere I see them. We have had one revolution because of this mentality and our children today are paying the price.






by Fred on

Sorry I could not find a translation of the poem, there is no reference to Rome in it. Although that Persian word can be read as Rome, the city in Italy but in the poem it is pronounced ram which in Persian means bucking, stampeding.

 The poem is critical of a custom which is taken as good manner when in reality it is paying homage to power, ergo what you said in your comment.  


Response to "You called me..."

by Fred on

A complainer says: “You called me a lier (it is in your own blog) because I said the U.S. has sanctioned medicine to be exported to Iran (from the U.S.).  This is true.  Do you want to bet to find out who is lying? “  


No I did not call you a liar for what you say above, I called you a liar for what you said then and you know it. I invite you to post both your original comment and the one above to see the difference.  



by Fred on

Doc, I never complain about anything relating to me personally, what you take as complaint is the figment of your imagination. And I was not lecturing any “us”. BTW what is this use of plural pronoun with all you Islamists, you doc speak for yourself.

No I do not believe you about the crux statement. You are a known Islamist liar, so many times you’ve claimed that I’ve said things that when I challenged you to show proof you come up short.   On being a warmonger, Anti-Islam which you constantly accuse me of knowing your wacky Islamist brethrens kill people who are labeled as such and the rest of it.

You Doc under the pretense of charlatan Ali Shariati type of nationalism are a nuke lobbyist for the Islamist rapists that crux statement is proof of you knowing what the nuke is all about for the Islamist Rapists and the beauty of it is it comes from you, in a rare moment of truth telling you let the cat out of the bag.

You are lying about your article as you were lying about using the crux statement in a scientific journal, what you specifically say in the crux statement is your Islamist Rapist brethrens’ “ability to make the bomb in short notice”.

 I view anyone who knowingly helps this Islamist Rapist regime as an accomplice and by your own words, the crux statement, you know why they want the nuke and still lobby for it and say it is for peaceful intent.

Lastly if you do not like the tone you are getting from me, I refer you to the times that under your own name, then unregistered, you used to dish it out to me all the time, so what is this being unfairly treated by me all about? Go Haji check your past comments, say a year and half or so ago and see what I’m talking about.

Take care, 


Grandpa Islamist

by Fred on

Again, grandpa Islamist, you are an aged Islamist wedding photogropher. 

Take care,


Wow! spoken as a TRUE propagandist

by Q on

As I said I’ve never called you as the Islamist Rapists' nuke lobbyist said “old wedding photographer

Yes, you said:

And to the aged Islamist wedding photographer who cannot compose a coherent sentence...

It's great to know that when you think of truth, this childish nonsense is what you mean. I called you a sophist a few times in the past, seems I was right on the money after all. Wouldn't you say?

I choose my words carefully

Yea, you sure do. AIPAC must be real proud.

Your utter lack of shame aside, you give yourself away every time you open your mouth. Even your benefactors have to know this much.

As I warned before, you get into real trouble when you start believing the propaganda yourself.


Grandpa Islamist

by Fred on

As I said I’ve never called you as the Islamist Rapists' nuke lobbyist said “old wedding photographer” and you nor he could cite it. I choose my words carefully so should you two Islamists. BTW the deletion of “Shalom” from your last post was unnecessary.

Mohammad Ala

You called me . . .

by Mohammad Ala on

You called me a lier (it is in your own blog) because I said the U.S. has sanctioned medicine to be exported to Iran (from the U.S.).  This is true.  Do you want to bet to find out who is lying?


The Problem is not you Fred

by timothyfloyd on

Fred,thanks for the poem,the Rome comparision is interesting.Although I could argue that these bad habits were not passed from generation to next,but introduced by Khomemi 30 years ago.But I admire what you are doing Fred,even tho it is pissing some people off,as I have also.

I think you understand as I do,that Iran's image of Anti Jewish discrimination is horrible and some here live up to it.It is the foundation of nearly every problem for Iran.To change that image,they need to quit promoting it,we recently saw the I.R.I. unite the country over Jewish discrimination.Iranian's need to distance themselves from it.But they are quite steadfast about,only damning themselves.

They will make no difference.

These people will not have any change on Iran or its image what so ever because they are no different.

And I've been accused of being a neo-con,zionist etc but I'm a independent and not a Jew.I'm a Christian and In fact my religion has more reason to be resentful to the Jew's than any other religion in existance.However,The Holy Land is still the Holy land to me,I have noticed some people here have a less amount of decency for that fact than the I.R.I. itself.

Since I supported the removal of Saddam Hussein and think the Jew's should be left ALONE,my opinion is often debated..People don't want to hear it but I have made that opinion on years of study and debated nearly every aspect of it before.It's still open to changing.

I'm not Iranian and It takes one that cares alot to go thru the vast mental psychosis here at,I sometimes call it the 'funny farm'..But I'm going to continue to try.Thank you for the conversation.

Bijan A M

Ms. Kaviani,

by Bijan A M on

Thank you for your super balanced, intelligent, and to the point post. I stand witness to many of verbal abuses given to Fred on this site for his passionate views towards the rule of IRI and what he believes (as his opinion) to be the shortest path to freedom. Of course, Fred is not the type to ignore insult or baseless accusation and responds with his extremely sharp dagger of tongue and hence the animosities.

There are many on this site that the moment you voice an opinion that by any chance may align with something that US or the west would advocate, will not waste a second to jump on your throat and call you AIPAC mouthpiece, dirty Zionist, Mosad agent, etc. etc….

Whether I agree with all of Fred's political views or not, I wholeheartedly agree with his point in this blog.  Is an airtight sanction our ticket to freedom? I’m not sure. But, I will never call Fred a traitor or Israeli agent if he believes it is. I still respect him for his passion. If I had strong argument against his opinion, I would pose it in a civilized debate without accusations. Not every debate has to have a winner. We can all agree to disagree.

Fred, as I said, I respect you for your passion and find myself on your side of the debates most of the times. Also, I am not in any position to give advice here, but give it anyway. I think it would help the quality of debates if you ignore those accusatory and name-calling comments. Most of those commenters are known to the public and many are so prejudiced that cannot see anything but their own views. In my opinion it is best to ignore this bunch.

Thanks for your dedication and keep the debates alive (although, as I said before in my other posts, I really doubt if any of the debates on this site will have the slightest impact on what the ultimate response will be to the actions of IRI).



by Q on

Grandpa Islamist
by Fred on Wed Oct 14, 2009 05:03 PM PDT
Since I’ve answered your Islamist demagogic posting in the one for your Islamist brethren, let me just remind him that “I’ve never ever referred to you as an “old wedding photographer” and challenge him to cite where and when.

Mon Aug 03, 2009 02:59 AM PDT

And to the aged Islamist wedding photographer who cannot compose a coherent sentence...

Link: //
Took me about 30 seconds.

The problem with propagandists is that they become convinced in the validity of their own constant lies, and thus completely alienate themselves from reality.

Brother, you need help! Forget Israel, at this rate of mental decay, you yourself might cease to exist as a coherent person soon!


I told you so guys, did I not?

by Mammad on

This Fred guy seems to be, in addition to everything else, blind. If he is not, then he has a major problem reading certain things!!

He and his type (if you know what I mean) always have two sets of standards: One for themselves that "allows" them to say whatever they want, and do whatever they want to others, and a second set for others where they take the high moral ground and hold everyone else (not themselves though) to the "highest moral standards" (while not having an iota of idea about what morality is in the first place). And, if they are attacked back, they resort to their typical form: Play victim! 

The "high moral ground guy" complains about my comment of yesterday, while forgetting about his vicious attacks on me for over a year. Since he has no memory (don't blame him though; his brain is atomic size), he thinks everybody else is also the same way.

You were not complaining? Then, what the hell were you doing? Lecturing us about virtues of being civilized to each other? Who the hell are you to lecture us? What "distinguished" track record do you have? Who the hell asked you about something that you have not even sniffed, let alone having a part of it in your atomic-size brain? You are the master of vicious attacks on others in this site. Your "reply" to Q just shows that, if not your "response" (read mumbo jumbo though) to me!!

I am an old hand in this? I might indeed be, if one is to believe you - the most discredited person in this site. But, then again, it takes an old hand to know an old hand. 

And, about the crux of the issue thing: Last Saturday in a conference on non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I repeated exactly the "crux of the issue thing." If you don't believe it, ask two Bush Administration officials who were there!!

And, today, my article on, is saying the same thing: Here is what I said. Quote:

I repeat what I have been saying for quite some time. Iran's nuclear program is not a threat to any nation. There is no credible evidence that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. But, even if it is, they would be for deterrence only:


I also suggest that you read the following article (since your AIPAC masters are behind feeding you information)


Don't confuse me with yourself! If I believe in something, I announce it publicly regardless of the "price." 

Yes, I may be using a lot of venues to air out my thinking, but, then again, to do so needs credibility. Why don't you try to air out your AIPAC-fed thinking in one of the same venues, to see whether you actually get in? Do not confuse this site with my venue!!!! 




Grandpa Islamist

by Fred on

Since I’ve answered your Islamist demagogic posting in the one for your Islamist brethren, let me just remind him that “I’ve never ever referred to you as an “old wedding photographer” and challenge him to cite where and when.  


Dr. Strangelove

by Fred on

The point of the blog is self-explanatory; some Iranians who live in freedom use it to suppress others who they do not agree with.

You Doc should know this well for you are an old hand at it. And no I was not complaining about anything rather was pointing out this phenomena.   Here is a posting that you referred to which I took exception to you intimating that you know where my home is and since you've  repeatedly and without any proof have labeled me "Anti-Islam" which is a death sentence, fatwa,  I told you point blank to leave my home where my family is out of it and deal with me personally. Enjoy reading:   




  by Mammad on Mon Aug 17, 2009 07:32 PM PDT   


 You are a little too generous!  Not all APIAC agents condemned the suggestion for military attacks on Iran. One likened it to German and French resistance, in order to give it "legitimacy," hence support. And, this is the man who wondered just a few days ago why he is called anti Iran/anti Islam. This AIPAC agent, who still pretends that his identity (and e-mail, and place of work, and home) is unknown, wished for a level-playing field in Iran a few days ago. Yeah, the military attacks fantasized about by his compatriots in Israel (which, if carried out, would be turned into their worst nightmeres), lobbied by the AIPAC, and supported by him will truly create a level-playing field in Iran, by destroying it and levelling everything! This is the same guy who said a couple of weeks ago that, "fortunately, the IRI does not have nuclear bomb yet, so it can still be overthrown." The only way a nuclear bomb and the overthrow of the IRI are linked is through military attacks. The contant nonsense by his atomic-size brain allows "dom-e khorous az laaye abaa biyaad biroon." And, in his hallucinations he still thinks that he is effectively countering people like you and I!


 You are something special? How come you get to label and call me names but the other way around is a no no? 

And here is a manifestation of your understanding what free speech is all about and how to propagate it:

 Sane or Insane?

by Mammad on Tue Oct 13, 2009 10:35 PM PDT  The man who advocates "airtight sanctions" and "material support" (read war) for "enslaved Iranians" considers himself sane and living in the sane part of the world.  He cannot even rewrite the sentences of his old blogs, so he just rehashes the same old worn out nonsense!  Where is a little quality control when one needs it?   Mammad 

 And finally as someone who lobbies for the Islamist Rapists to have nuke you should have a thicker skin.

 BTW here is the tail end of my response to your last comment in the other blog which you left unanswered:

BTW, whatever happened to publishing your “crux” statement verbatim in financially and editorially supported site by Frontline and in all other venues that you regularly lobby for your Islamist Rapist brethren’s nuke ? In case you’ve forgotten it, here it is:

 “The crux of the issue about Iran's nuclear program is, in my opinion, as follows: If Iran has the ability to make the bomb on a short notice, it becomes unattackable. That is not something that the US and Israel can tolerate. They want to be the hegemone of the Middle East.”

Take care,    



by Fred on

Bad habits handed from one generation to the next, centuries of inculcated wacky norms which mandate even wackier behavior are hard to kick.

Don’t know if you read Persian, if you do this famous piece by Iraj Mirza gives an indication of what sort of rubbish disguised as good etiquette is in fact glorification of power. But the good news is in Iranian societies in diaspora and especially inside Iran taboos are being broken and illogical norms dismissed on almost daily basis.

 يارب اين عادت چه مي‌باشد که اهل ملک ما
گاه بيرون رفتن از مجلس، ز در رم مي‌کنند
جمله بنشينند با هم خوب و برخيزند خوش
چون به پيش در رسند از همدگر رم مي‌کنند
هم‌چنان در موقع وارد شدن در مجلسي
گه ز پيش‌رو گهي از پشت‌سر رم مي‌کنند
در دمِ در اين‌يکي بر چپ رود آن‌يک به راست
از دو جانت دوخته بر در نظر رم مي‌کنند
بر زبان آرند بسم‌الله بسم‌الله را
گوييا جن ديده يا از جانور رم مي‌کنند
اين‌که وقت رفت و آمد بود، اما اين گروه
در نشستن نيز يک نوع دگر رم مي‌کنند
اين‌يکي چون مي‌نشيند، ديگري ورمي‌جهد
تا دو نوبت گاه کم،‌ گه بيشتر رم مي‌کنند
فرضاً اندر مجلسي گر ده نفر بنشسته بود
چون يکي وارد شود، هر ده نفر رم مي‌کنند
گويي اندر صحنة مجلس فنر بنشانده‌اند
چون يکي پا مي‌نهد روي فنر رم مي‌کنند
نام اين رم را چو نادانان ادب بنهاده‌اند
بيشتر از صاحبانِ سيم و زر رم مي‌کنند

از براي رنجبر رم مطلقاً معمول نيست
تا توانند از براي گنجور رم مي‌کنند
گر وزيري از در آيد، رم مفصّل مي‌شود
ديگر آن‌جا اهل مجلس معتبر رم مي‌کنند

هيچ حيواني ز جنس خود ندارد احتراز
اين بشرها از هيولاي بشر رم مي‌کنند
هم‌چو آن اسبي که بر من داده مير کامگار
بي‌خبر رم مي‌کنند و باخبر رم مي‌کنند
رم نه‌تنها کار اين اسب سياه مخلص است
مردم اين مملکت هم مثل خر رم مي‌کنند



"people" have "challenged" your right of "free speech"?

by Q on

Let's find out who they are, round them up and put them in Gitmo! Why not? They obviously don't understand "free expression", not like you and the rest of the "blessed" that were "forced" to spend $1000s to immigrate to Hollywood from that hellhole where no one understands freedom!!!

Never mind your comically flawed understanding of "free speech" and its application to private publishers, even while bragging about how much you have learned in the West. I have to say, Fred, thanks again for the laughs.

I can always count on you for good jokes. Your "inalienable" right to relentlessly represent the views of AIPAC and the Israeli right every single day on this website seems to be safe and secure. Normally an outfit like AIPAC has to pay for advertisements. But thy get that here for free. Your blogs are featured multiple times a day and you are worried about censorship?

Very funny indeed.

If you really do believe this:

one can accuse and at the same time respect the right of the target to free speech,

Then what are you crying about now? You want to be appointed the arbiter of what is "respect" too? Are you familiar with the Persian concept "roo" ?

Thanks again for the hearty laugh!