Myth pushing


by Fred

It has been used so often one can finish the speaker’s sentence. It was started by the IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic officials, quickly picked up by their overseas little helpers and eventually over time seeped into the general population.

It went something like this, because during the past two hundred years Iran has not invaded another country the IRR’s development of “peaceful” nuke program and its long range missile systems are no threat to peace and stability of the region.

But the recent seizure of an Iranian ship by the Yemeni patrol boats in the Red Sea carrying anti-tank shells and five Iranian “instructors” destined to reach Yemeni Zaidi rebels who are from  a branch of Shiism,  is only the latest proof to the contrary.

Prior to the Yemeni seizure there was the January 2002 seizure of the Karine-A in the same Red Sea. In that seizure the ship was loaded with fifteen million dollars worth of Iranian armament headed to Palestine. There has been the supplying of the Mughtada Al-Sadr’s Mahdi Army of cutthroats in Iraq and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s band of murderers in Afghanistan.

And of course the Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon are well known to be getting their funding, weapons, training and instructors from IRR. In fact the Hezbollah terrorist mastermind Imad Mughniyah, aka, Haj Rezvan, who was killed in a 2008 car bombing in Syria, held a high rank in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps with an Iranian wife to boot. The same relationship exists between the IRR and Hamas terrorist organization.

So the two hundred year claim although only technically true in the sense that during the past thirty years IRR has not send uniformed troops invading another country, in practical terms it is not. And the semi-stealth invader is on track to realize its nuke goal which in turn will provide a nuclear umbrella for all its terrorist proxies everywhere.    







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A drop in the bucket

by AMIR1973 on


On the one hand, the U.S. government has hundreds of thousands of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and is the leading weapons dealer in the world. On the other hand, you have "Yemeni officials" claiming that "a boat carrying Iranian weapons" has been seized. (I always believe the claims of "Yemeni officials", just as I always believe the claims of Iranian officials, American officials, French officials, etc). But let us take their claims at face value and assume it's true. How does Iranian foreign interference compare with those of the U.K., Saudi Arabia, Israel--to name just a few--let alone that of the U.S. government? Compared to those countries, it's a drop in the bucket. 


This dude is not only boring, he

by Cost-of-Progress on

goes from one blog or thread to another and mocks people or criticizes their posts, etc. 

He's the posterboy for why we Iranians cannot unite as "freedom of Expression" is an alien concept to his long ears......

He's good enough to show us his face by posting his picture as his avatar, though.





Boring Ostad

by masoudA on

How you chose the name Ostad for yourself is beyond me.   But don't you think ostad, calling Fred AIPAC on every post he makes - only stands you out as IRI?   think abot that one.   However, I know you are no IRI, you are just a leftist stuck between your heart, mind and your leftist strategies and trainings. 

But in all fairness - you also for a change made an insightful observation - which again is very impressive for a stuck leftist.  

----------No one, I repeat no one, has ever invaded other countries by "anti-tank shells" and a "ship" manned by four Iranians plus an Indian!------------

What about those who may be preparing a desert assault against countries with small armies who can only defend themselves via planes and tanks?  There are several of them in the Arabian Peninsula.  

BTW - next time - you don't have to repeat yourself.   





by Ostaad on

No one, I repeat no one, has ever invaded other countries by "anti-tank shells" and a "ship" manned by four Iranians plus an Indian!

Now if the AIPAC voices echoing in your head are telling you that it's possible to invade other countries this way, I am telling you invasions do not happen this way.

Wake up and smell the stale tea-and-crumpets, efendi.