Naming names


by Fred

With the passage of the fourth round of punitive UNSC sanctions against the rogue and illegitimate Islamist regime in Iran, over its refusal to follow the legally binding international cease and desist order arising from its illegal nuke activities, the floodgates have opened for unilateral sanctions to be poured on them.

The suspected illegal weaponized nuke program is so alarming that European Union which mostly due to lucrative noncompetitive contracts historically been reluctant to take any meaningful measures against the Islamists ruling over Iran, has taken the lead in the unilateral sanctions.

The semi-tough set of additional sanctions adopted by EU on Thursday in Brussels is a good first step in the right direction but to have a modicum of success has to be strengthened much, much further in the coming days and weeks.

The Yanks who in standing up to Islamists in Iran, are for the first time playing second fiddle to EU, have introduced their own set of unilateral sanctions which will augment and compliment those of UNSC and EU.

But all these very much needed belated sanctions are in reality Aspirins for an advanced case of Bubonic Plague.

If peace in the Middle East is to be given a chance,

If nuke in the hands of messianic Islamists with pronounced worldly designs are to be avoided,

If the entire sane world’s song and dance about caring for Iranians’ human rights has any substance more than just political machination,

If it has finally been understood that helping democracy craving Iranian people to achieve their freedom is to be helping to defeat Islamist terrorism in the region and its exportation to the sane world,

If all the above ifs have any footing in what is at issue, then it is logical to go after that which makes all of them possible.

Like stopping the oil flow is the only way to stop the ongoing disaster of oil polluting the Gulf of Mexico, the sale of oil which finances and makes it all possible has to be stopped to stop Islamists’ many pronged polluting fronts. It is the polluting blood oil stupid!

The list of Islamist Rapist enablers & their daily purchases of IRR Blood Oil:

Zhuhai Zhenrong (China) 240

Sinopec (China) 200

MRPL (India) 130

Nippon Oil (Japan) 120

SK Energy (S. Korea) 120

Hyundai Oilbank (S. Korea) 70

Showa Shell (Japan) 120

Toyota Tsushu (Japan) 50

Essar Oil (India) 50

Cosmo Oil (Japan) 45

Japan Energy (Japan) 75

IOC 35

HPCL (India) 60

Mitsui (Japan) 15

Mitsubishi (Japan) 35

Itochu (Japan) 5

BPCL (India) 5

Kanematsu (Japan) 15

Idemitsu Kosan (Japan) 12

Marubeni (Japan) 10

Essar Oil (India) 50


Tupras (Turkey) 63

Cepsa (Spain) 25

Hellenic (Greece) 60

Repsol (Spain) 80

Petrogal (Portugal) 10



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