Nationalism Iranian style


by Fred

In a non-reactionary nationalism, the protection and preservation of the nation and all that which makes up her core identity is job one.

It must be emphasized, a nation, in its broadest term, is nothing but a community of people who share a common territory. In other word, without people there would be no nation, which makes the most valuable asset of any nation her people.

Given that set of definition, the nationalism some Iranians have, to say the least, is quite amusing.

When it comes to the name of an ancient body of water with an ancient name, which from time to time for political needling on as-needed basis the name is tweaked by the brotherly Arabs, a whole lot of Iranians get nationalistic.

However, when at the very same time hundreds upon hundreds of Iranian youths, including children, are literally sold to the same people who also have a hearty sexual appetite for little Iranian boys and girls, hardly a peep can be heard.

Another example, a whole lot of this type of nationalist Iranians are all for the “certain right” of Iran to the nuclear, wink wink, technology, and in doing so don’t care if it means for the current certifiably anti-Iran and Iranian IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, to be ever more empowered by weaponized nuke. They argue, IRR will go “one day” and then Iran, "we" will be left with the gift of nuclear weapon.

However, when the lovely anti-Iran and Iranian soon to be nuclear power IRR rapes, maims and murders Iranian men, women and children around the clock 24/7, most of the same nuke loving people are not that interested or as vociferousas in the protection of the most basic "certain right" and the most valuable asset of the Iranian nation, her people.

They don’t even like to be reminded of the past “certain facts” like the mass murder of thousands of Iranians during the Prime Ministership of their current Islamist “reformist” prince. It is not the right time for that kind of talk right now, theses nationalist advise.

These type of nationalists are the works; they love all the wrong things and ignore the only thing which matters most, the Iranian people's "ceratin right" to life.


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Israel is the CANCER

by Mehdi on

Oh, don't worry Fred. I will continue to show what makes me tick. I am proud of it. And you haven't said a word why I should not be proud. Is exposing lovers of sanctions that murders Iranian children so that Ezra-eel can plunder more land is something to be ashamed of? I am not the one who should be ashamed. Those who want the children of my country dead are the ones who should hide their head in "PEHEN."


گفت موسی، من ندارم آن دهان<> گفت ما را از دهان غیر خوان


Thanks, Demo.




Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



To each their own

by Fred on

Those who are into stabilizing the status quo, i.e. the rule of the Islamist Rapist Republic, should continue with their thing.

There are also those who as the only nonmilitary method to get rid of the barbaric Islamist Rapists ruling over Iran and Iranians, proudly advocate sanctions, something which the great Nelson Mandela successfully did to help free S. Africa and the Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi is advocating to free her beloved Burma.  


ps. Mehdi, you are doing great too, keep on revealing what makes people like you tick.


well said

by MRX1 on

said it well Fred. don't let comments from shiekh o omati islamists in this site deter you from exposing the truth about IRR, most hated murderous regime on he planet earth that openly practices gender aparthide on a day to day basis.Fake nationalism is a trade mark of thee people.


Israel is the CANCER

by Mehdi on

As usual, "radio Ezra-eel" at it again, with their lies, treachery and criminal intent. The man who is a strong advocate of mass murdering and sanctioning to death all Iranian children, is here to tell us how to be a nationalist! It is really revolting. 


One "Life" to "Live"

by Demo on

And when it comes to other nationals’ “certain right” to life, like the “lives” of millions of neighborings Afghanis & Iraqis, during their countries’ past Ten Years of occupation by the “superior beings”, the blogger does not even like to be reminded of the past “horrible crimes” committed by the occupiers like the Abu Ghoraib prison’ massacres/tortures, constant air bombardments of the whomsoever “alive” on the ground, the mass executions, and etc. It is not the right time for that kind of talk right now, this blogger might reiterate, as those countries are the “terrorists’ heavens” and he will arrogantly ignore the fact that “certain right” to life is not exclusive of the self claimed “chosen people” on earth.


nationalism neocon war advocacy style


lets airtight sanctions ordinary iranian people, if that didnt work no choice but to bomb!  lets destabalize Iran because we are iranian nationalists and we care for iran!and if you disagree you must be a lefty anti-israel anti-semite islamist!